Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Or like they are going to.


How long have you had him?


Usually you know when they’re going to.


Six years now.


Well, he’s gorgeous


By whom? And why?


His coat in summer is so orange that he’s like a pumpkin. That’s why we call him that. The Pumpkin :joy:




He’s an ex-racehorse that was a bit of a failure. He came dead last in all of his races.


Aww that sucks


No, it’s good! It means that he’s super slow ahahaha




It’s pretty hilarious that his race name claims him to be fast when he ain’t :joy:


500 words or thereabouts :slight_smile:

I went ahead and chopped half of the chapter off. Darn, I feel sad, it was a lovely background for one of the characters, but hopefully the focus is on Xi now, and it is easier to understand what is going on.


It’s about a power grab.


I get that, but by whom, and why? Knowing these things are going to help you write your story.


As the person who hires him for the job wants the Royal family killed as she wants to take the throne. When the job goes wrong she wants to use the MC to get it the proper way.


Think that might of killed of the new idea.


God that sucks. I remember missing out on a lot of opportunities because I was broke, so I’m definitely feeling a lot of empathy for you.

I know this is a vent and you’re not exactly looking for advice, but have you thought of holding your own writers workshops? If you have a few friends that are as interested in writing as you are you can get some snacks, watch a few youtube videos, and play some writing games to put what you learned into practice - all for pretty much free. 99% of the writing workshops I’ve attended I’ve started, and I have a monthly one that’s kind of warped into a community cornerstone, so it’s possible!


Pantser problems: When you finally have an idea of which way your stories going to go, but your characters go in the opposite direction without consulting you first like unruly children.