Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



That’s why I have a basic plan. So I can account for when Nikki goes her own way.


Grr… I thought for sure ARF was going to hit 20K reads overnight. 19,990 lol.


Listen to them. They know themselves better than we do, I’ve found. xD


I don’t know. I find that planning and outlining kind of wrecks the story for me a little bit? Especially when it’s written out properly.


I guess your characters are at their best when they become real people that make their own decisions. Still, my little babies are growing up :sob:


It’s just a guide really. I have the major parts of the story written down as phrases and simple sentences. It helps keep me on track. But if the story goes in another direction I pull it out and rework it. Here is the first part of my plan. The last part I had to add in because Nikki decided to pass out during breakfast.

Nicole is placed in Meadowbrooke (spring)

Nicole gets ready to enroll

Nicole enrolls and has issues with housing and school schedule.

Housing is solved, schedule is not. She gets PE instead of weight training.

Nicole meets Maria who is across the hall from each other. Maria’s overenthusiastic aunt triggers a panic attack. Maria yells at her aunt in Spanish and the aunt apologizes. Nicole forgives her after the aunt takes her shopping at the campus store. A bond begins to form between the two girls.

The noise and the crowd in the cafeteria trigger a panic attack and Nicole passes out and has a nightmare about her father. She wakes up in the infirmary. This is where she meets the nurse and spots the scars on her arms. She realizes that the nurse used to cut herself. She begins to trust the nurse a little.


Embrace it! Letting your story take on a mind of its own fosters such an organically freed writing experience. You don’t have to be limited by preliminary story expectations.


Agreed. I improvise almost every aspect of my story, and its central idea just manifests itself without me having to force it. :grin: Ah, the joys of writing.


I wish I could heart that a hundred times.

Don’t get me wrong—I have an extremely extensive outline and try to abide by it whenever I can. But if, during the writing process, my characters decide to fuck me off a cliff into ten thousand other directions, I let them. Not like I can stop the little fucks, anyways. The story’s usually better for what happens instinctively rather than consciously. To me, at least. xD


My reads have been slow lately. :thinking: A few weeks ago, it was darn quick.


Exactly ^-^ whether it’s a line of dialogue that came out of left field or a scene that better rounds a character, I write down everything that pops into my mind. In a nutshell, my work is uncensored, unfiltered, and hecka messed up. For my series, I’ve tried to maintain a balance of hilarity and darker, more somber themes. That’s how I see life, so I tried to copy that into my series.


Hi guys, I’m not gonna post an links here. I have a story to write for school and I just need some constructive criticism, I’m not looking for attention or fame I just really need feedback to improve my story. For anyone interested the story is called “The Shot” and it’s on my profile. (I don’t wanna spam anyone with links.


Thanks for letting me know!


Guys, I need a weird hand with something…




I need a hand describing someone’s voice. Like, describing a distinct voice.


Okay, I might be able to help!


I need a way to describe his voice (time stamp 0:51 - 0:56 and 1:55 - 2:16.

I just like the sound of his voice and I want that to be how one of my MCs sound, but I can’t quite describe his voice.


Slight rasp, higher pitch than a normal man his age, his voice goes up in pitch at the end of sentences


Thanks, frand :kissing_smiling_eyes: