Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



No problem!


My new idea has put back in one of the old ideas but I’m still a bit sketchy one where it will go.


You wanna talk it out?


Can do.


This is what I have do far

Blake is Octavias champion and is almost about to be killed before Tristan shoots his opponent, killing him. Shot comes from the crowd near where the king is sat. The crowd scapers and Tristan is caught. And placed in the dungeon for the attempted murder of the king. Conflict between Blake and Octavia about what happened and they try to hide their involvement in the plot. Tournament is suspended.
Tristan offered the choice of taking Blake’s place or being executed for attempting to kill the king


Yikes, poor Tristan! It sounds pretty good so far


He takes Blake’s place but I not sure what happens afterwards. Obviously he fights in the tournament and gets trained by Blake. But I dont have an antagonist and I feel like that is really lacking.


What if Blake is the antagonist?


I can link you to an article to help you with your antagonist, if you like.


Please do.


I like that.


And I didn’t think of that considering he doesn’t like Tristan.


Yeah, I feel like that could give a really good twist. He trains Tristan in like, a bad way to make him fail, and Tristan realizes this and wins the fight and then goes after Blake











So what’s going on this Sunday afternoon?


Trying to plot out a new book, not like I need another one to write XD