Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



I just started a new on last week. I’m already on chapter 13


I am still running around high from watching Uno skate to his first senior gold, finally. It was a perfect skate, and he gave his all, and it was just such a fantastic thing to see… pure expression of triumph.

Gonna go out for a bit,then watch gala…

I don’t think I can settle into anything, I am so unreasonably elated still. It’s just so beautiful to see someone so spectacularly get what he had wanted for so long.


Wow, that’s impressive!


Thanks, I just posted the first chapter yesterday.


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I will try and look at the Blake antag idea when I’ve finished watching an TV show episode


Does anyone have advice when it comes to writing Murder Mystery sort stuff? Like, Scooby-Doo except people are dead and the murderer is pretty Jack the Ripper-like. The story takes place before forensic science so that cancels out everything I know about catching murderers.


Have you read or watched anything in the genre? That could help give you ideas. I would recommend The Alienist on Netflix for one.


That looks like it could work. I’ll check that out. I don’t know how I manage to only watch modern murder stuff.


Even contemporary murder-mysteries can give you good ideas. What’s the setting you’re working with? Researching the time period and how they dealt with crime during it can further provide inspiration. Researching real-life murder cases from the time as well can help.


Think I finally have some direct antagonist conflict. Yay!


But how does a mercenary have personal ties to the Royal family?


Maybe the Royal Family wanted to use them for something?


Or has a fling with one of the members of the Royal family?


That could work and add a lot of drama!


The more I listen to my music, I have these ideas.

I have a song on play list thats about a scene from an anime where one of the characters gets tortured for sleeping with the princess.


Oh damn. Though honestly I’m not surprised lmao


Watching the newer eps of the anime but still wanna watch that episode.


I’m blaming Assassins Creed for some of my new plot developments


I wanna play Assassins Creed. I have it I just need to set up my ps4 but lazyness… xD