Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Just play AC II and Brotherhood. Not liking revelations atm.


I just question the actions that occur in the Cristina memories of AC Brotherhood


Ahh yeah. I can see why.


Now I am thinking about possible jobs.


Like what?


I dunno.


XD. Do you want to do something with writing?


Trying to put down plot/backstory for the new idea. And I’m liking the idea of Blake as the antag. He trains Tristan to fight and uses the cover of the fights to kill the king but he wins too quickly and then he bribes people to kill him.


Ahh. Yeah, that sounds really cool!


I think of happy stories.


Though I am struggling with finding a hired job for the protag for backstory that let’s him in the castle. But why let a commoner in? Unless he’s a from one of the lesser known noble families


I love AC brotherhood :smiley: (I’m a bit late, but I spotted your comment about assassin’s creed)




They’re not necessarily murder mysteries, but Arthur Conan-Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes might be able to provide some inspiration.

Also, it might be worth researching when the various forensic techniques were invented/put int use. Forensic science may be relatively new, but i’m sure that some techniques still in use today are older than you think.


He’s doesn’t have cooking skills. This is the start of his mercenary career after his stint in the army.


Bodyguard? Train for a guard at the door?


Was thinking that but not too sure.


So, I’ve been watching drawing tutorials online to try and get better so I can actually draw my character at some point (it’s mixed results right now) and I started just drawing random things onto the practice characters to see how good I am at adding a few small things and I started coming up with a whole setting that they live in… I’m making a story out of randomly drawn characters that I’m using just to practice for my main series. And I’m half tempted to actually write said story. What is wrong with me?


What if he impressed the Royal family by quickly moving through the ranks and they took him on as a guard in the castle.


I like that since it makes continuity sense.