Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



I like continuity.


Then he gets kicked out after 10 years and becomes a mercenary at the age of 29.


Why’d he get kicked out?


He had a fling with the princess.


Ahhh, I see. That could be an interesting motivator


Hence why he picks up the job. But the story is maybe 4 years after it happened.


But, he can still love her


He can indeed


Writing romance when you’ve never experienced it


I feel you


Write what you want it to be. Your version of romance is no more or less valid than anyone else’s. People caught in abusive relationships still consider them romantic in a way that’s fucked up to those outside the relationship. Your romance can be whatever you need it to be!





Good question. I’m going to try to do a little bit of homework and then try to write about this new story idea I got from random drawings I’ve done.


Go for it, dude. Ride inspiration where you can, because it’s a cheating bitch that runs off with your wife when you most need it.


You clearly haven’t seen the drawings. Also, I’m probably just going make it dumb and not take it all that seriously tbh. Just set it in some fantasy world and have the characters fight some kind of evil empire or something… wait… that sounds like an actual fantasy story. Give me a few, I’ll figure out a way to joke around with it.


lol tag me in also :ok_hand::+1:


Well, since the thread is dead, I was wondering something. I am planning out a story where a group of heroes go on a quest to lift a curse from a kingdom and they’re lead by the prince of said kingdom. My problem is that I have the prince being evil and everyone else in the group also being evil as well. And it’s not that they’re sympathetically evil, as in they’re not evil because they have to be to do what needs to be done, they’re just evil to serve their own personal desires. I was wondering if there was a way to make them likable or should I just redesign them?


Don’t worry about likability—worry about relatability. If we can understand why the characters do what they do, likability usually follows. Evil for evil’s sake or selfish characters with no redeeming qualities make unlikable characters. Give them noble reasons for doing evil things. Even ‘evil’ people are the heroes of their own stories.


Well, they are on a quest to lift a curse from a kingdom, which is their main goal of course, but the protagonists have a dark side and sometimes let it slip through, hence why they’re evil. I was wondering if, despite them acting evil in some instances, could they be seen as heroes in some ways.


Don’t think of them in terms of good and evil. If you as their author find them unlikeable, readers are going to, too. Give them relatable passions and fears, wounds and dreams. These things make characters likeable.

Also, I’m going to trumpet about this because this is more than I’ve written in a long time in one day, but hell yeah 2.1k of new content!