Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Congrats on getting 2.1k words today (more than me today tbh). And I of course will make them likable, it’s just that they have some really dark desires and it affects them as characters.


Bring on the darkness, twisted characters can be a lot of fun XD

@seeMISARCHIST that’s freaking awesome!


Way too go!


Well, yes, I’m aware of that (hence why I like Ceves and his team so much more than Theon’s tbh).


I mean, I personally tend to gravitate more towards the good guys, but I do like some characters that are morally gray. I guess it appeals to my angsty side lol.


Morally gray characters are :heart:


Yeah, the guys that walk the thin line between hero and villain are amazing (hence why a lot of my protagonists fall onto the line). But, let’s be honest here, having a Paladin (or your pretty standard good guy) surrounded by a thief or a rouge (generally bad people) tend to be pretty funny to read too. P.S. I’ve been watching a lot of D&D to get into the mood to write this story.


I’m surprised at how my mon did in the MR2 tourney last night. Made it to the elimination somehow.

This green lady is a HUGE gamble since all her techs have 30-40% hit rate, but they hit hard. Plus, many contestants work on physical stats instead of intelligence, so…


D&D…is that dungeons and dragons?


Yes, the story is set in medieval times with some magic (or at least what they think is magic) and the best thing I could think up to get into the mood and figure out how character relations would be like in a story like that would be to watch some streams of it just to get a feeling for it.


Also I feel a lot better about how easily I get distracted by new story ideas when I see you talking about all the different ideas you have right now :joy:


It’s cool, I admit I get a new story idea every… five seconds? Maybe less? IDK.


Ah, gotcha. Makes sense to me. I’ve never played it before but I kinda want to.


My kiddo is watching 4CC gala with me. Messing skates in Tarsan’s loincloth, he does his slide along the border. My kiddo, “That’s disgusting! Who wants his butt in the face?!”

Me, “oh, honey, you would be surprised…”




Ah, to be innocent and ignorant again…


My oldest daughter just got into university, so we’re all really happy for her :smiley:






I haven’t either, but I had a roommate last year that did so I’ve heard all about stuff. So I’ve just been watching some games of it online to get into the feeling of it. Also, my life can sometimes be described by the words ‘Hey look, a squirrel!’