Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Congrats to both you and her.


Thanks. She’s a bit nervous as it’s been a while since she finished high school, but the university has a program that allows her to do a year of bridging subjects before she starts the actual degree, so we’re confident that she’ll do well.


Well, good for her. I’m also in college so I know the feeling of going to university and all. But I’m sure she’ll be fine. Do you mind if I ask which major she’s thinking about going into?


She is planning to do a Bachelor of Social Work. She currently works with people with disabilities so this degree would help her in her work, while allowing her, after graduation, to get better paying jobs in the same area of work.


Nice, I have a few friends that are in that field (I met them in an elective I had to take) and they were really cool. Good luck to her.


Well I got my HS diploma in 1986 and my BS in 2009. She will be fine.


I have so much inspiration and motivation, but I can’t seem to manage to write, and it is sad.


Hi everyone!

I just wanna ask if it is okay to use Queen Victoria and other real people to incorporate my story. And I will use them as basis of so many things. Therefore, I will rewrite their lives in my story.

Does it break certain protocols?

So if it did, I will rename them and what? Idk really.

Please help me out!


I feel you. Keep pushing through


Wait, how will they play out in your story?


I have made four half finished attempts at a beginning, and I’m not happy with any of them.



Before queen victoria crowned to be the queen. She gave birth to twins. Hidden under the radar


Take a break and do something else. If you have an inspo, scratch the idea down on a piece of paper


Ah, yeah, that might be tricky to handle. I would suggest changing names


Been there! What i recommend is to plan it out before starting. I know how it gets frustrating


And royal fans might hate me. Tho ill still use the same place. The same country and such. Just rename them and dont follow much in their history


Yeah, messing with history that much might be a lot


Yes haha thank you so much!


No problem


Hey, guys. I’m new to how this whole community thing works, but I figured it was worth a shot, so please bare with me. I have a question and I thought this was the right place to go to get answers. So, here goes.

I am in the process of writing a fantasy novel, set in a world that is sort of a blend of the Victorian era and the medieval time period. Early on in the story, one of my minor characters gets shot by a bullet (similar to a .22 rimfire) fired from a revolver from a distance. The bullet enters near her ribcage (but again, not fatal), and it is left inside, at least in the beginning. I would assume she would have broken a few ribs or something, but I was wondering what you guys would think the extent of her injuries would be. Google has been pretty inconsistent, probably because this scenario is very specific, and I wanted to know, if the bullet did NOT hit any vital organs and it doesn’t do enough damage to kill, how would I go about in writing the injuries/damage done to the character and/or her recovery?

Sorry, I know this is really long and specific, but this is one topic in my novel that’s still bugging me that I’ve yet to figure out. I’ll be grateful for any advice you guys might have for me. :slight_smile: