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Idk about bullets or weapons at all, but if it’s lead, it might lead to lead poisoning or somethinnggg…


I know zippy-zap about this kind of stuff, but @TheBiologist13 might be able to answer your question.


I’m not a surgeon or a forensic pathologist (the guys who do autopsies) but my first thought is that it would have been an incredibly lucky shot to avoid causing a fatal injury to either the lungs, heart or spine. However, I’d assume that if the victim did manage to survive all that, there is also the chance of lead poisoning from the bullet, and possibly even nerve damage if the bullet comes to rest on a nerve and stays there, pressing on the nerve until it’s removed.


Yeah, I was contemplating that, too.


Interesting, I hadn’t considered nerves at all. And I agree that it’s a long shot (pardon the pun) to miss vital organs, but I want the character in question to survive. I could find some way to make a compromise, maybe. So thank you, this was helpful!


Thanks for the advice!


Well, I just wanted to say I know how tough it gets when trying to write. This topic just reminds me of Billy Crystal “Throw Momma from the Train” "… the night was dark (or, the night was moist/wet/rainy etc.) always cracks me up :slight_smile:


It’s roughly been three days and I’ve written six chapters.

I’m crying.


So I’m actually thinking about not killing Ollie off.


@florianraven I thought that was the whole point of the story


Well, the whole point of the story is how life can make you unsteady and that we all need someone to hold onto.

I feel like killing Ollie off is so predictable and overdone, that sparing him would be more fresh.

My plan is to write that as the original ending and then add the alternate ending where Ollie dies like the original plan was.


ah ok.

Could be interesting to read. Then again, it could also confuse the readers.

But, if you don’t kill off Ollie, how will you end the story?


Hmm. Maybe.

I haven’t decided yet.


You’ll mostly be dealing with chest pain due to the penetrating wound, which is likely to have broken a rib or two and tear some of the lung tissue.

If the wound is extensive, the symptoms you must be careful of are:

  1. Difficulty in breathing.
  2. Coughing up blood.

To alleviate the chest pain, the patient should avoid strenuous activities like lifting heavy things for a while. However, it’s recommended for light activities such as short walks.

The possible complications a lead poisoning and compressed nerve, but if the tools and surgeons aren’t viable, the bullet is more likely to be left alone. It’s now a plug to the damaged blood vessels, and if it’s taken out, it’ll be bloody.


tfw even Ollie gets a happy ending and best girl Frankie doesn’t


I dunno. I’m kinda on the fence with sparing Ollie now. Like, I’ve thought about it and I think his death brings a lot of meaning to the story, especially Nick’s. But killing him off is so predictable and its how most of these stories end. Imagine the plot twist if I leave it ambiguous that he dies and then the next chapter is, like, two years later and they’re proper dating. I dunno.

I kinda feel bad for Frankie as well. Like, I feel like I should give her a happy ending in a sense as well.


I started work on the second draft of my main project. I’ve been working slower than usual lately, but I guess that’s better than burning myself out.

I scrapped the Medieval setting and I’m going for a 1930’s style world, which I already like a lot more.


In this scenario, most authors tend to go for a twist in the predictable aspect of death. If death is meaningful but you can spot it coming from a mile away, an option is to somehow surprise the readers by how the reaper comes for Ollie.


Can you explain that again, but like I’m five.