Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



I did finish one chapter today.
Not for my main project but it’s still a chapter. :wink:


@florianraven Relatable, bruh. What’s your snag?

@melodiccnightowl Perfect! What’s got you held up on your main project, if anything?


I’m writing a deep chapter that’s also pretty much a filler chapter and I keep getting distracted.


I’ve just been distracted today, my dogs have been aggravating or some reason.


How goes it with you?


@minahava Slow going, my dude! How about yourself?

@florianraven Why is it filler?

@melodiccnightowl Do they just want cuddles? xD


Because out of the three main characters, this character has the least chapters. One’s at 15, one’s at 11, this character’s at 5. I gotta help her catch up :joy: Plus, gotta do that characterisation.


Idk what they want but they be annoying and not letting me write xD


swamped man


Been there… typed that… will be there again at some point.


It’s almost the end of day 11, and I’m already wasted on words!


Gone stitchin’.

Not in the mood to write with my tab.


I am so screwed… long story short, we were expected to do our presentation in powerpoint, but not only don’t I have it (I use Libre Office coz it’s free), I can’t afford to buy it anyway


Usually both ppt and the pdf presentations are okay where I work - can’t you see if they will be willing to accept a different format?


yeah, I’ll email them in the morning. In the mean time, i did provide a zip file with both versions and everything I used to create the original presentation so hopefully that will work as well.


@DomiSotto I think I realized another good hack for Wattpad popularity. I don’t know if you’ve ever played any otome games, but I swear that’s the kind of shit this site laps up. I was playing one last night for shits and gigs, and the high school hormonal nostalgia was real.


Nope, I am into BioWare’s stuff & AC, plus a few smaller titles. The only Asian stuff I played was Blade & Soul and Dynasty Warriors 8. I don’t really like real life stuff.

And, omg, Shoma just going for 3A-4T, I am in tears… the stream from Japan just ended, ye gods, Uno, unbelievable energy-charging-optimism-I-want-to-liveto-the-fullest personality


You have a point. The majority of wattpad is here for wish fulfillment and escapism and those otome games are like the definition of both.


@DomiSotto Well, if you’re ever curious about how2popularity, check out otome games, yo.

@KelKaiser They’re definitely a guilty pleasure. Who doesn’t want to be the center of attention and affection of a bunch of attractive potential mates? Like these worlds are literally designed to make the player character/MC the center of the universe, to the point where I seriously doubt these story worlds could even exist without the MC. They’re the damned cornerstone of these universes.


I know that was a rhetorical question but (raises hands, both hands) I would hate it. Not just the potential mates thing but being the center of attention. But I’m also not a Main Character. I’m a side character who provided the conflict in that one episode and makes an occasional appearance in the episodes after. People usually want to be Main Characters.