Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Sounds like Mass Effect :slight_smile: only ME is classy! But, yeah, I am done with modding and fanfiction since 2007’ish. I wanna be a writer in my own right. If I can’t win it as myself, I don’t want it.


Oh shit. I watch my theories drown before my eyes. Not gonna lie, though: looking into these games has made me almost wanna write a mock one for Wattpad. Then I remember femdom themes aren’t too popular here so #FuckIt? xD


I tried writing those type of stories, but my bad habit took over and either I made my MC’s life hell while retaining the “OP-ness”, or just have the story revolve around making jokes at the expense of the MC :confused:


Otome? Uh…

Me + Romance = Fail

The only romance-oriented stuff I’ve ever written is a few shipping fics for my OTP.

Meanwhile, I’m getting even more worried about Gungrave GORE for PS4 because it has been four months since the last news of the development. :scream: I hope the VR fiasco doesn’t cause cancellation. Dem incompetent devs…


ffs you just described my entire series. i might’ve fucked up somewhere.

@TheBiologist13 Same, bruh, re: the romance. :joy: But the sims are fun to read, at least!


I’m a natural at writing tragedies, but in a bad way…Even when writing comedy, it always happens. I take a look back a few chapters, then realize I somehow wrote in the implications of a genocide in a happy go lucky world :confused:


Could be a good personal writing challenge to write outside that normality for ya, then!


I have the opposite problem. My strength lies in lighthearted stories so everyone once in a while, I try my hand at something dark and depressing.


I would rather have your problem tbh. You writing today?


No excuses to procrastinate now that I’ve finished watching the Star Wars IX teaser. Sigh…


(My problem of being a soft child who always wants everyone to be happy and poop rainbows? I don’t see how it’s better)
Imma try to once I get home.


Yes, me too! Though I can’t stick to dark and depressing! Like ever. Funny just slips in.


man i wish i could write lightly, i always seem to make everything supper dark


Same :joy::joy:


but at least i broke free from my writer’s block today :slight_smile:


Oh yay congrats! I need to start writing but I had a busy morning. Haha. I’m trying to relax and get into the mindset.


yeah I can totally understand trying to finding the best time to write isn’t the easiest thing.


Yikes. Forty five notifs on Twitter. SAVE ME.


I don’t have a problem with it. Why? Dark does not really attract me, so I don’t really go there. If peeps like angsty or dark stories, write on. Bunch of people like reading them too.


i’m a really laid back person but i can’t write a character like that to say my life
also, i think there’s a difference between dark and angsty. I wouldn’t write an angsty story (i don’t think) but i cannot-not write dark stories for the life of me