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for me its the complete opposite, any time i write happier stories they just seem awkward and they don’t flow well.


Looking for some friendly advice.

I’m working on my story that involves a stalker. I am trying to use the thought patterns and behaviors of anxiety or fear from a female perspective to add intensity. Is that too much of a stereotype? A scared female alone with a potential bad guy lurking? Or is it enough of a real fear and problem that it could be interesting? I don’t want to make something that, in a horror sense, is overdone or too easy. However, the stalker bit isn’t the entire story.
Any thoughts would be lovely, thank you!


hey, guys, give a girl a hand here - can you easily see the transition from the artist to her drawing here now or is it still a problem?

Polina Feldman was a child of two wars and one revolution. The kind of fervor that awoke the masses did not come easy to her after a decade of the existential crisis and hunger, but she gave it her best shot. Probing the inside of her cheek with her tongue, she critically examined her latest masterpiece.

On it, the Defender of the Motherland crouched, his bayonet pointing straight at the middle of the hydra’s puffed-up chest. The monstrosity’s heads — a lion, a yale-goat and a dragon— dripped poison, saliva and flames. Its claws had torn canyons through fertile land. Its armoured tail had lashed at a farmhouse with lace curtains to leave it in ruins.

The hydra bore on the Defender, the red clouds billowing in its wake like the wings. The red cap splashed with a star slipped to the Defender’s furrowed brow and his jowls bulged with anger under the taut skin.


i do think that it is a stereotype, but it’s one that can have a lot of different angles to look at so there’s always another unexplored avenue of perspective. i would never say anything is over done really, because new author’s always bring new ideas to common themes. I hope that helped, even a little.


If there is an actual art piece it’s hard to tell. But if you mentioned it in the next sentence or two, such as how similar it looks or something, it might work? That sounds so interesting too, what you wrote.


So should I expand the ‘on it’ here…

to something like ‘on her mock-up/painting’ so it is not as easily missed?


That’s better. I just would like more oomf on the art itself to establish it as a real thing in the story, as an element of the characters life.


I think you’re good, it’s a real fear and problem.


It’s something easy to relate to, at least to a girl. Anyone who walked at night or in an empty park pretty much would recognize it.


Hey, guys! Hope you all have time to answer a quick question.

So, I recently posted a new story called EMBR of the Earth. ‘EMBR’ is an acronym for End of Mission Bionic Radio, which is sort of an alien AI that plays an instrumental role in kick-starting the main plot (and also ends up becoming a name for one of the main characters). My question is regarding whether or not it should be capitalized. On one hand, I’m worried that ‘EMBR’ will become a distraction to readers, but on the other hand, I have rarely seen an acronym or initialism that isn’t all caps (NASA, FBI, etc. But these are also organizations, which would probably be different. But I have also seen these as regular proper nouns, so what gives) I can’t seem to find a set-in-stone rule aside from personal opinion.

So what do you guys think? ‘EMBR’ or ‘Embr?’




Thanks for the input!


I agree, capitalized.


I have a bit of an embarrassing question, but I’ve been witting this short story for a while now and I’m having trouble progressing the plot, was wondering if anyone had any tips for progressing a story properly.


Gotcha! Thank you!


As an idea not based in a story line, is there something you can take from what has already been written to create a filler area? Say once a character mentioned their purse, a bike tire that’s flat, something so minimal yet able to be reinforced or changed now. That thing can lead to the next real story movement and remind readers of other information from that previous section.


oh I see, yes I actually have an item that keeps reoccurring in the story as the charter progresses. thanks


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