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so cute!


image this is my kitty


V.serious troublemaker :slight_smile:


Such fluff :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My cat is very fluffy too. I love how soft they are.


so cute!


another one that looks like it’s planning to kill the person taking the photo when the camera is put away



I forgot I had pictures of him on Twitter lol


aww pretty kitty


Hi there, cutie :slight_smile:


He goes a little ham for treats.


I’m pleased by all the cute animals on this thread.

I’m trying to figure out how many people are on my MC’s space ship. There’s the captain and lieutenants, engineers, doctors, and cooks… I guess cadets are kind of necessary. I want that to be like an internship. And scientists. Am I missing anything?


A mechanic is often a thing, security detail…


Is it bad that I have the engineers as the mechanics? I mean, it is rocket science. It seems like it’d be right up their alley.


I had exactly the same concern for Space Spinster Cruises, but every darn show splits the two, no matter how tiny the crew. Serenity is the only one that flies with a mech and no engineer. I ended up finding them a mech.


Really? I read this really great fanfic where there was only a team of engineers, no mech and I felt like it worked perfectly. And I really don’t want to add a mech since my MC is head engineer and it feels like adding a mechanic would just… ruin everything.


So how many times do you have to check your pockets for your phone while you’re talking to someone on the phone before your brain processes the whole ‘if your phone is in your hand, it’s not in your pocket’ thing?


Yeah, what works, works :slight_smile: you asked for suggestions, heh.


You have a point.

I do need to add security detail to my list. With that, I think the entire crew is accounted for. What’s your thoughts on the crew having civilian family onboard?


That happens in a lot of fictions dating back to sailing ships novels like Jules Verne’s Dick Sand novel :slight_smile: