Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



So I had to look this up before I realized that it’s Dick as in Richard so I’m a lot less confused but like… Dick Sand isn’t really a name that flows.


That name is gold, what do you mean.


Taking that name for a different story later… Also, hi, I know I disappear and reappear but I’m here for now.


I think the name of the novel is ‘A Captain at 15’, but yeah, the boy’s name is Dick Sand… the original YA fiction, lol.


You know, I don’t mind Dick (obligatory rude joke here) but Sand is just a stupid last name.

@RocketManEarth Nice to see ya.

@DomiSotto I’ll have to give that a read.


Nice to be seen. I’ve just been working on some stuff for another character plus school stuff. I’m planning on uploading the… one chapter… tomorrow. The romantic one… I’m already rolling my eyes and regretting this.


It is really dated. I tried to read it to my kid, and we gave up a few pages in. Talk about infodumps! Verne has no critics yelling at him how you should not add parts of Wikipedia into your book… somehow when I was a teen, it was totally cool.


Yeah, I’ve been writing comedies lately instead of my usual doom and gloom stuff. Going pretty well, I would say…? At least I haven’t killed off half the cast yet, or revealed that nearly all of the cast have pretty depressing lives.


Hey guys, how’s the writing going?


I’m not quite in the mood for writing recently. Maybe it’s because there won’t be any fight scenes for the next few chapters… Then again, build-up chapters are crucial for hyping up fights.


I found about licensing stuff in Gungrave wikia. Initially thought it explains a thing or two about the current license holder, but nah, it’s just about how the wikia is under Creative Commons Attribution.

Sometimes I think the series’ license is better off in my hands. I can’t believe that I actually put more efforts into familiarizing non-fans into Gungrave series via my books and did better than the new devs. The official sequel relies so heavily on prior fandom knowledge and nostalgia and ruins the potential to drag new fans into the game.


Moving along better than before. What I’m writing is quite different for me.

How are you doing?


Well, I now have two whole chapters written for my WIP. the next question i have to answer is do I write chapter three or one of the later ones?


You should offer your books to the developer, if they do not have automated rejection of submissions set up as the bigger devs.


On my old account, I wrote a story where the MCs got stuck in an RPG and I’m still kinda mad that the RPG isn’t real. I would really love to play it.

That being said, does anyone know any good RPGs?


I’m familiar with many old-school RPGs if that’s all right? The newest RPG I played was Titan Quest about ten years ago… If Flash RPGs count, well, I do play some of them like Epic Battle Fantasy series.


My favorited are Mass Effect series, Technomancer, and Tyranny from the last few years. I love Jade Empire the most, but it is really dated now. Dragon Age, I am not so hot on it, except for the second one, but people love it to bits.

Also, personally I hate Witcher with a passion, but people are over the moon for it & it is supposed to be the best ever, unparalleled and unrivalled etc.

Assassin Creed games - I love the historic immersion, but open world is boring for me after a while…

I don’t like other games where you have to play a specific character from a famous movie or something.


I loved mass effect, but was absolutely disappointed by 3’s ending. Andromeda was great for me despite what others say, although the story needed some more work. The rest of the games aren’t for me though…

I got upset over RPGs over the recent years, so I’ve shifted over to playing JRPGs instead. Breath of the wild, trails series…having a blast with them.


Well, you see, I feel asleep shortly after writing this, so my past self will say that I’m tired.


@TheBiologist13 @DomiSotto
Jade Empire and Titan Quest do look cool.

Tbh I’m not really a fan of RPGs where you have a set goal in the universe. The MMORPG in my story was like a Fantasy Sims with a larger world and more opportunities. You can start a family, settle down, get divorced, buy a boat and become a pirate. I want that type of flexibility in a game.