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I’m currently writing a story that involved a MMORPG, but it’s loosely related. Like, overlord style story. The MC basically started a guild, but since she couldn’t get anyone to join, she made NPCs to fill the slots…and that guild got pulled into a different world.

That MMORPG—granted, it was a product of imagination—basically had the sci fi, modern era, and fantasy elements all combined into a single world.

Well, too be honest, it’s very unlikely MMORPG with that kind of freedom will come out anytime soon. MMORPG that is combat oriented are generally more popular. RPGs with freedom tend to only be that, non MMO.


I didn’t write a game/RPG book, but Mist somehow has a lot of similarities to classic fantasy RPG aspects. :joy: Class archetypes are especially prominent.


Oh man, I used to write a story that I made character sheets and everything. I classified them under a certain class, then gave them skills, Fate style. Basically, I gave them a skill based on their recognition in life, and the deeds they have done. Like:

Harbinger A+ : To be classified as a threat to humanity. Any rank above A will cause all living creatures to attack on sight. Usually given to those who have exceeded level 40.


I have power sheets for all of the combat characters (right now). They help me write the fights. However, they aren’t more than base stats and quick descriptions of their abilities and effects. From the base stats and the characters’ kits, it’s pretty easy to know who’s closer to which RPG class.


I wrote a more plot-centric story, so I didn’t have much in the way of stats. All I did was gave them a rank from F to S(or EX being special cases) for stats, then I designed the skills they had. The skills really helped me to plan out what kind of character they are. For some reason, I always have difficulty coming up with attacks or abilities, but have no problem coming up with passive skills. I guess it’s more fun to write what the person is recognized for in the world.


@KelKaiser If you have a PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn is a pretty good RPG.


(dramatic sigh) I do not. I would if my brother hadn’t moved away and taken his with him.


Rats. Well, if you ever buy one, highly recommend! Maybe the Tomb Raider reboot? (The first one. The second and third ones aren’t quite as good imo.)


(does the reboot have pointy boobs?) but actually, yeah, that was on my to-play list at one point actually. I wonder what happened.

I also completely missed the movie. I wonder how it was.


So, uh, a rule of thumb. Movies that adapt video games never work. And I do mean never. Does seem to work for TV shows, though.


I’ve seen worse adaptations, but I think the game was a lot better. The movie provided a surprisingly scientifically plausible reason for the ‘mystical’ element of Tomb Raider games, which was cool, but overall, the movie felt a bit rushed and other things. The reboot games are essentially movies, anyways, but the first one is pretty decent. Very cinematic.


I liked the second reboot, simply because everything felt more smooth and polished out. However, by the time the third reboot came out, I was like, “Bruh. We still doing this?”


I didn’t dislike the second game, don’t get me wrong, and stuff was definitely smoother, but it just felt like a Crusades recycling of the first game. The ending sequence was even similar.


aren’t these things supposed to close at the 8000th post or smth?


They close at 10,000 or so comments.


Wow, this thread is getting really close to 10,000!


Oh, you like sandbox games. Fallout then, Prey or Divine Divinity Original Sin


Yusssssss. Chapter 17 of my magic-realism romance is in the books. I feel like all the hard stuff is written now. 30k words in, with 12k or so to go. It will fall right into that short-novel range, absolutely unpublishable. And I’ll be forced to write the next series if I want to do anything at all with it. :crazy_face:


Excellent idea, I’ll steal my friend’s Fallout to see if I like it.


You guys, Pinterest failed me for the umpteenth time in my life. What’s a scrumptious way to reveal a fire user’s powers in a heroic intervention without becoming a wannabe cliffhanger in a Shonen Jump magazine? (For reference, melodramatic reveal of powers that’s so often seen in every anime ever.)