Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



You really set the parameters… What type of heroic intervention are we working with? Stopping a robbery? A murder? Is someone loitering?

Does it have to be heroic intervention? Can the fire user be doing something like lighting a candle or juggling sticks of fire (which is the one I really want to see).


She’s stopping a murder, tragically. I’m trying really hard for it not to be melodramatic and theatrical, but I’m just like … the first revelation of supernatural subplot tho. Like fuckin I dunno the bitch is the sun like how 2 power exhibition.


don’t let her have a cool catchphrase. then it can’t be anime


Just have her accidentally set herself on fire, run out and towards the murderer, murderer gets scared because girl on fire is not a good thing, girl sets murderer on fire, murderer dies because fire and she doesn’t, fire hides her face, and she runs away because she’s still on fire. Does that work?


After being sick I finally did a lot of writing this week and now I am stuck!!! :expressionless:


That unfortunately does not work, but thank you for the suggestion. :joy: She’s supposed to 180 when she actually uses her powers to compensate for the fact that she’s a flaming dipshit the other 98% of the time. It’s a whole “oh shit now she’s srs bsns” vibe.


Oh no! What do you need help with?


Okay, fist time that more fire hasn’t been helpful, so does the murder know about her location before he tries to kill the other person (or are they killing her? Not sure here). If they’re not killing her and are just going to try and kill someone else you could have her hiding and trying not to get seen, for obvious reasons, but they see her, she runs, they catch her, hit her, she just snaps, 180’s and then does the whole power thing. Just an idea.


Hmm … I like the idea of her originally not going in with the intention of using her power, but then being forced to if she’s caught fleeing with the idiot she’s trying to protect. That could work. I’ll mull on that. Thanks much, mate!


Conversation ideas between the MC and his love interest with the love interest friends. Its a double date.


Ooo, double date time! Okay, do you want it to be awkward?


No problem, also remember, that if it can’t be solved with fire, you’re not using enough fire… I’m tired and crazy right now. Sorry.


In the beginning yes but after a while it’ll be fine and I can start the one idea conversation I actually had


Ugh. Need 1,300 more words by tonight for this current and last chapter, then another 2,000 for the Epilogue tomorrow.


Okay, so awkward conversations have a ton of ‘ums’ and ‘sure, yeah’ stuff like that. Pauses are big as well as just silence


You can do this!


hell yeah! epiogue! that’s exciting you’re almost at the end


Thanks. Regular readers slowly coming in today. Hopefully people are just resting for GOTs tomorrow and things will be busy then or on Monday.


Okay. anything else?


I’m not quite sure if this can help but I do want to through out there that she could probably use something around her plus her ability to use fire to make a pretty effective weapon. (I’m lowkey thinking dynamite cause I watched Tom & Jerry today)