Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Hmm, I mean, I think it’s mainly if you find yourself feeling awkward writing the dialogue, then it’s probably awkward.

Person 1: So, um, what do we want to order?
Person 2: I don’t know…what sounds appealing?
Person 1: I really don’t care, you can choose.
Person 2: No, no you choose.

Etc, etc.


Lol I already got the orders done. The females are the dominant ones and the males are the sub, so the females took control over the order.


Interesting username for an active reader on one of my stories. Not sure if I should be concerned or not, but I’d probably get flagged here if I said it out loud lol.


That’s always good. Everytime I’ve been with a guy, they can never decide what to order.


You haven’t met my sister then. XD


I mean, it can’t be that bad, not like my friend.


So now i’m stuck. I could go with the already idea i had but I wanted to wait, ease the conversation to the point where the MC gets himself into a little hot water when that question gets ask


I’ve never been around anyone who took more than a couple minutes to decide what they wanted. The people around me don’t play when it comes to food.


Ah, so like, make it seem nice and relaxed finally and then get tripped up.


My friend is always just asking me what he should get and then won’t like what I choose.




That would work, it would just be a little more filler dialogue.


So would it be okay for like “how you two meet?” and since the MC doesn’t know anything about the other guy only that he is work out trainer for his love interest (i hope that makes sense) how old he is? And what the MC is studying and why he is studying it? and how long the female friend has owned the gym?

All questions good? Those actually just came to me shakes my head


Oh yeah . Make it as realistic as possible. Ask what you would ask on a date.


Okay thanks! And since I know have some idea of what to do i’m going to sleep.


Oh, oh a reply for one of the characters pop up yay!


For those who write fantasy(particularly medieval style) stories, how should a monarch address a citizen of a foreign country in a formal setting? Do they refer to them with honorific+last name, or did they just call them last name?


y’all, is it normal to drop a story and i work on a different one?
these specific stories i want advice on i am planning to be web comics, but i thought that because there is writing involved in web comics and books that this writing thread would be a good place to get advice.
i’ve currently got two stories going on:
a sort of detective-mystery thing which is a very practical, short story and a fantasy-comedy story that is more detailed, longer and my personal favourite. iv’e started working on the fantasy story first and iv’e fleshed out the characters, but the crime-mystery has a more fleshed out plot and is much shorter.
i’ve been dropping a lot of projects lately cause i’m too lazy to put the work in bringing them to life and i feel like by not going for the fantasy story i’m adding another one to the pile. i feel like i have a good argument for why i want to work on the second one instead but i’m not sure if i’m just making excuses for myself.
Should i work on both simultaneously? The fantasy story i like working on more and i started working on first, but im angling towards the detective one because it is shorter and it seems more logical to work on that.
anyone give advice to which one i should work on first?


I myself won’t work on two at once UNLESS you know what you’re doing, and have a very good schedule planned out. Dropping projects frequently is definitely normal for authors, but it is a bad practice(attitude wise), and shouldn’t be done often unless there’s a valid reason other than just laziness. I’m going to be very blunt here. Most often than not, if you feel like you’re making excuses, then you probably are. We subconsciously generate excuses to justify our actions, and if we can notice it on our own, then it probably is something that is that huge.

Alright, let’s look at it from this point of view. If you feel as if you want to start another story, what reason do you have that the second story won’t turn out like the first? Dropped because you have a better argument for the next object? It’s a fallacy that a lot of people fall into(myself included). It’s alright to drop projects out of a lack of inspiration or motivation, but as long as you know where you want to head in a project, it’s probably not a good choice to write something just because you suddenly got an inspiration.

I can’t really give any concrete advice for this situation, since it differs from individual to people. I can only offer an additional perspective. To be very, very, honest with you, the best way you have right now is to focus on a single work. If you consider yourself to be lazy, then fix it. Get the right attitude, or none of your work will succeed no matter what choice you take. We procrastinate once in awhile, sure, but jumping projects simply because it is troublesome is probably not a good idea.


Two projects at once is the norm, but only because you need something to work on when the first project is being edited or reviewed. For example:

  1. Work on Project One until it’s ready for the beta readers to check out.

  2. As they’re reading and giving feedback, start work on Project Two for a few weeks. You do your outlines and the first few chapters. You want some emotional distance before you make any edits to Project One.

  3. After the ‘rest period’ is over, you take the feedback, make edits, and publish Project One.

  4. Project Two gets promoted to Project One and you work on that. In your spare time you brainstorm for whatever your new Project Two is going to be.

And that just goes on forever.