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Princess Peach rules the Mushroom Kingdom.

Princess Zelda rules Hyrule.

Seems legit.


Sure, laws of succession are a bitch. It might be that they were underage or considered unfit, and so a council or proxy ruled in their place while they retained their old title. or it could be that the ascension process takes years and has criteria before they can claim that title. There are a lot of reasons why the rulers might not be King or Queen.


I mean, marrying a princess sounded a whole lot better than marrying a queen to kids :confused:




Kings are overrated.


Something like regents, then? Because for my situation, the princess in question basically has all the say in the world, and is the de facto ruler even though there is a council established on the basis of “democracy”. The princess is called the princess only because she isn’t old enough to be considered a queen…but the problem is that her age is frozen at twelve. I’ve considered just having a coronation ceremony, but since it was too troublesome to sort the politics of it out, I’ve shelved it up till now.


Exactly. If she’s technically not old enough to take the throne by law, she probably rules by proxy through a friendly regent of some sort.


And the more headache inducing thing was, I realized half way through I’ve been writing about an Empire and not just a kingdom…welp. There’s more laws to consider…


Had an idea to revive an old idea.


It depends on the standing of her domain vs other entities - the title of the ruler of the specific appenage is regulated by how they are fitting in the system of the states surrounding them and their vassal affiliations. Duke, Prince, Grand Prince, King, Tzar, Emperor - the titles reflect the make up of their domain, who crowns them, their claim on the position (hereditary, elective, conquest) etc. There are plenty of rulers who threw diplomatic tantrums over the recognition of titles they wanted to have.

You have to get out of the mindset of the nation state and use the mindset of patrimony to get how they think at that time in terms of what they lay claim on.

Also, the succession by primogeniture is actually fairily rare. Many entities prefered to avoid minors ruling, so election of the heir from the available pools in the East and the lateral succession to the eldest male (brother to brother) was prefered - and tbh far better than regencies, because the history of regencies is a disaster.


Trying to revive an old idea but ideas are bricking


It’s snowing in spring and I can’t handle it.


How does one rant at an unfinished story ?


Hi here to rant- starting the dystopian novel that I’ve had the idea for since I was in middle school (like 2012/ 2013ish) but I CAN’T WRITE THE FIRST CHAPTER TO SAVE MY LIFE. Literally, the rest of the book is smooth sailing I skipped over the first chapter but my a$$ cannot write this first chapter I keep explaining the rules of the world almost.


So might have a new story idea blurb


I cannot think of a title for this story. I’m five minutes away from using the Harry Potter format.


God, don’t use the Harry Potter format.


It can’t be any worse than the titles I’ve been coming up with.


Such as?


Well, the story’s a sci-fi about a guy finding a kid that looks human but has red eyes cause of powers and stuff. She has a tragic backstory, doesn’t speak, and the guy ended up naming her Nina. So I came up with:
Little Girl Blue
Red Eyes
A Little Red
Traces of Blood (cause blood is kinda big in the story but this just doesn’t fit)
Other groups of words that I threw at a wall but didn’t stick