Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



I think Nina fits the best, but then you could argue that the trend for naming books after a character (like, their first name) is overdone.


That was exactly what I was thinking. I very rarely like books named after a character too so yeah… I’m going to keep on throwing stuff at the wall and if nothing works, I’ll always have the Harry Potter format.


i think nina is best too


(if I had to pick between dog crap and McDonalds, I’d pick McDonalds too) yeah, it’s definitely the best of the lot.


I’d offer alternatives, by my titles are absolute crap as well.


The thought is appreciated. My brain is just going, “lmao why should I help you?”

I’ll come up with something eventually. I just wanted to vent my frustration at ‘eventually’ not being ‘now.’


Yeah, sorry, I read over your summary again and all I can think of is ‘Blood Red’ since blood is important apparently. And I get the now vs. eventually part.


I very rarely come up with titles that I’m satisfied with…probably with only one notable exception. And that one I haven’t even started writing yet :confused:


Yeah, same. A good portion of my titles someone else came up with for me :joy:


Speaking of the title that I’m satisfied with, I reaaally want to write about the world war story I came up with so long ago. “To Die In September”. Feels really daunting, though. Oh well, maybe I’ll consider bringing it up for the next project proposal of my club and turn my storyline into a game or something.


I kinda liked talking about that story.


A new blurb for a story I won’t finish

For years, the crown Prince of Alleth has been hiding in the slumbs of the capital. Scared of the reprocussions of his decisions, he spends his life helping those in need. Using the one thing he need to survive, magic.

When a stranger approaches him, asking him to take back the throne, Jamie declines. Stripped of his magic, he becomes a target once more. A target for the mad king and a target for the families he betrayed.

The only thing that can save him is his magic, but the stranger hadn’t been seen in years.


How does he get the backstory out of her? My only non-trite suggestion for the title is The Beholder… or the Speechless sorry, I am in the full on gardening mode now :slight_smile:


I’ll cheer myself up…with Monster Rancher 2. :cry:

It sucks to be a Gungrave fan.


Well he stopped her from being sold so that was tragic in itself. Then the story unfolds with him finding out more about her, her history, and the history of her race.

(Talking about it is actually giving me ideas, thank you)


His Best Buy? Buy-in? (don’t throw vegetables)


He didn’t… buy her… I’m surprised and sort of unsettled by you thinking that. By stop, I meant have the guy selling her arrested.


Oh, sorry, I was thinking about something like Vette in Swtor. I am pretty sure I bought another companion in another videogame, but not sure which… could have been Phobos in Technomancer… can’t remember now.


Also, I won a 30K words beta read on Twitter, and sent in Stellar. Now, your guess is as good as mine how long the poor soul is actually going to manage to read.

I really, really want my summer break, but my War Mage Sixteen Epilogue holds me back!


Time to expand my blurb