Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Almost done raising my mon, and soon I’ll start another tourney entry. MR2, despite the save scumming thing, is one of my favorite ways to relax. The Discord group is especially fun, mainly because of the tourneys and the jokes/memes.

But I still don’t feel like writing. Maybe because there won’t be any major fights until the end of this arc…


anyone around?


How does Kindred Souls sound as a book title?

@AlexisTKingston now I am.


I like it


I like it. How’s u? Attempting to revive an idea.


I’m fine, just trying to figure out a title for my story. Reviving ideas can be pretty hard.

@SylviaWolfe awesome :grin:


This one has clones in so I’m like I should finish this one.


And all my characters have a recurring theme, trying out a redemption arc.


Which I can happily nerd about.


I think I have an act 1 or start of the beginning.


can i follow any of you peeps on twitter? I’m trying to join writing twitter


Yeah, here’s a link to my account. https://twitter.com/KelTheWriter?s=09

But I’m rarely active on twitter. If you go to the cafe and look up Twitter, there’s a couple threads full of wattpaders on twitter and links to their accounts.


I like it, Kindred Spirit is more of a set expression, but I recognize it with souls too.

Sorry, I am feeling pretty down with Norte Dame burning :frowning: a reminder of the darker times.


And… I finally figured out what bugged me in my Epilogue - working on it. Basically, I skipped past too much, and my logical mind that wants everything explained was rebelling against it. So, yes, I am adding more. Other people might get bored, but I need it.

@minahava thank you for the follow!


Hello everyone, just got back home after a rough day. How’s everyone doing?


i think i have a concussion


Whew how that happen?


i was searching up pictures of hairless cats and got a concussion


You dropped your device on your head or something?


no. the hairless gave me a concussion