Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



Potahto XD


A random potato doesn’t hurt. Also, I couldn’t help it. The chat was growing a little slow, so why not sling a potato into the mix?


Sounds like some good logic to me lol. What’s up?


Nothing much. I’m working on my second book, It’s already shaping up to be a big one…I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 100 parts long…


I haven’t written at all today, maybe I will in a little bit. I did get all but like two pages of my reading for school done though.

Also whoa. I can’t even make it though writing a thirty-chapter book haha.


Wow, that’s good. My book is so ungodly large because each part is under 2k words, which means there’ll be more parts.

Oh, well then.


I’m suddenly nervous about uploading a chapter where the age of the love interest is revealed. I don’t want the age gap to be a big deal but, you know, to some people it might be.

Also, hello @all


Hey. How big is the age gap?


Hello. Yeah, how large is the age gap?


Well, she’s 21 and he just turned 40…


Hmm…It’s not like a 15 year old is dating a 30 year old. It all depends on how you handle the relationship. Besides, they’re both adults. Do you have any dialogue between these two characters or some other form of context?


Sure. Here’s the dialogue that leads to the audience finding out exactly how old he is. Just a few notes: Tauv is the love interest, Mrs. Kyndel is sorta his nanny and Tracey is the MC. Also, this is wayyyyy before they actually get together because that will be at the very end of the story. And I don’t know, some things will just make more sense in the context of the story.

Mrs. Kyndel caught her arm before she went and whispered in her ear, “Keep that man in line.”

Tracey’s mouth dropped open and she probably wouldn’t have moved for a while if Mrs. Kyndel didn’t gently push her forward so she walked auto-pilot into the car.

Tauv slid into the drivers seat and said, looking a bit embarrassed, “Please forget whatever she told you.”

“Done,” Tracey said immediately, “Forgotten. So, and this isn’t referencing what I just forgot but some things before that, on a scale of one to ten, how badly does she want to marry you off?”

Tauv sighed, “She had hoped I’d find a wife in my twenties. I recently turned forty.”


Tauv nodded.

“Was that just her plan or…?” Tracey trailed off awkwardly.

Tauv frowned at the road, “I didn’t have any romantic plans. It was low priority at the time and it still is. It’s simply unfortunate that Mrs. Kyndel, my mother and I didn’t view the matter the same way.”

“Your mom wanted you to get married too?”

“Yes but for different reasons from Mrs. Kyndel.”


From what you’ve given me, you’ve handled it well. I’d have to read your book to completely understand, but as long as you handle the matter appropriately, you’re good.
I do have a quick question because my second entry just bypassed the largest entry in my first book. How do you feel about large books? I love them, so I decided to write my chapters as more like long entries that are more or less their own story. Since I don’t want to post a 50+ page entry on wattpad, I’ve split my entries up into several smaller parts. Is it overkill if the amount of parts for an entry surpasses 20? I’m paranoid about this kind of stuff…I don’t want to scare readers away…


Nineteen years is ok. There’s going to be 15 years between my two MC’s. Neylan is thirty-five. Silas is approaching fifty.

There’s fourteen years between my own parents. My mum was 37 when they married, dad was 23. My mum was blazing a trail for cougars back in the 1970’s. :laughing::wink:


Thank you!

I also like long books and with reading online and using my phone, I like shorter chapters because wattpad is glitchy and the shorter the chapter, the less likely the app is to glitch on me. So yeah, I think a lot of chapters is fine if the chapters themselves aren’t too long.


Okay…I have one part that goes over 2k words by 300 words, but that’s because I couldn’t split it up. My largest entry in my first book was 23 parts. the second part in my second book was 27 parts…As I said, I don’t want to scare readers away because my book seems to be so ungodly large.
*Back to the age difference between your characters, it’s perfectly okay as long as you handle the matter in a mature and appropriate manner. I mean, it’s not unusual to find a 40 year old dating someone whose 10+ years younger than they are.


Well, burned myself out and I know the reason at least. I apparently can’t write something if it doesn’t have dragons. XD Oh well, time for editing and planning book two in my series I guess since Aldonia didn’t turn out as I expected it to. Just wasn’t having any fun writing it.


I would say keeping parts under 3k is good enough for app users. I tend to upload stories and just call them chapters but I see you’re making a distinction. How many entries do you usually do and how many parts total is your books?


I usually do 6-7 entries for a book, and the # of parts depends on how many pages each entry is. A larger entry (100+ pages -_-) could be 20+ parts, which is essentially what my second book will be.
Correction: I write six entries with an epilogue at the end. The epilogue is usually short. I think of each entry as a video game level with its own story, characters, and setting. There’s usually one large entry followed by a shorter “boss fight” entry where the main character deals with the antagonist. (Which usually involves the antagonist being brutally killed.)


Not gonna lie, some people are intimidated by a lot of parts but if your story is long, then those aren’t the people you’re looking for anyway. I don’t really care how long a story is if I like reading it. I usually hope that it’s super long.