Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



I’m glad to hear that. Thankfully, there’s people on wattpad who enjoy long books, I just have to find them and see if they’d be interested in my book. I love what I’ve been doing, so I really don’t want to change my series…


Egad…I’m trying to scrounge up all the details to commission a piece of concept art for one of my more…detailed characters. My head is about to explode


whoaaaa guys…

is “damn” spelt with an “n” because of “damnation”?

I’m blowing my mind here


That’s why I keep a Pinterest scrapbook for my WIP and update it regularly. Keeps me inspired and you never know when you might need that one image.


It should be fine. It sounds okay to me.


Too true. I’m artistically challenged, so I have a good friend off mine whose done a phenomenal job drawing my characters. It’s just a few of my characters are a bit heavy on the details, so I really have to thing hard on how I should describe their appearance.


I have almost an exact inverse in the Elephants & Men, she is 44’ish, and he is 23… whatever works, works :slight_smile:

Also, yay, I am done writing my Big Kill Scene, it was so important to me, I broke it out in its own chapter. It is lite, at 1.1K words, but I will fill it out a touch. I totally do not want to merge it with anything else.

I am nearly at 27K words… got to do some reading later on. :slight_smile:


Can I ask for some help real quick? I have a character getting two tattoos on his arms (one on each) and I was wondering if they sounded good/interesting.

There were two sketches for ideas that were the right size. The first one was a depiction of a humanoid white and blue dragon flying and looking up into the sky and was holding a sword and shield. The dragon was wearing some kind of white ornate robe with a set of blue scales and white fur on it like it was armor. Above it was a white circle that looked like the moon with beams of light coming down from it. It felt peaceful and calm to me.
The second depiction was of another humanoid dragon, except being red and black. He was wearing a similar set of robes and armor except the robe and fur were black with a white outline of the design and the scales of the armor were red. The dragon was holding a sword and shield as well, but the two were at it’s sides, as if it was ready for a fight. The dragon’s head was pointed downwards and it’s eyes were red and piercing, almost as if it was intimidating me. It looked as if it was standing on the ground as a black circle outlined with a white circle was above with dark rays coming from it.


They sound like sick tattoos :+1:t2:. Kind of an angel-and-demon sorta thing going on.


Thanks, I was going for a war vs peace kind of feeling but I wasn’t so sure about them hence why I asked (I’m not a tattoo artist or good at drawing at all).


Oh I see. Tattoos aren’t my thing, but they sound cool. Also I can’t really draw either so don’t feel too bad lol.


Yeah, tattoos aren’t really for me either (since I’m diabetic I can’t really get them anyways so I’m not too worried).


I’ve got this thing with needles so…yeah. But I wouldn’t want one anyways.

So how’s your day been?


My life is nothing but needles… which is ironic since I still am slightly scared of them (just my luck). Otherwise today was good. I met up with a friend today and my sister at Dave and Busters. We ate lunch, played games, all of that. How’s your’s?


Not bad. I got all of my schoolwork done (not that there was really that much anyways), watched some Big Bang Theory, got my driving permit renewed. I’m working on a side writing project rn because I don’t feel like working on my current WIPs. Oh and babysitting but I do that every day so that’s nothing new lol.


Nice, what side projects do you have going on right now?


Hehe…Venom fanfic. I saw the movie a few days ago and fell in love with Venom and Eddie and the ways they interacted. Also Venom (the character) was pretty funny.

I’m not going to publish it, it’s just for my own entertainment.


Nice, I might do a side project for fun as well along with my current WIP. I’m planning on just doing an AU of my current project (a little selfish of me but whatever, I might not ever publish it) where the shock wave that gave everyone their powers did all of that but also killed off every Sinderlo on the planet but caused a rapid growth of vegetation so the characters have to deal with a new world and new powers. I’ve also thought about a cross over between two of my most played games, Xcom 2 and State of Decay, just for fun. IDK yet though.


Cool (death to the Sinderlos muahahaha).

I’m actually writing this out by hand bc getting my laptop out feels like a hassle sometimes. I almost never write my stories on paper bc typing is faster, but I had a bunch of old essays from peer reviews last semester that I had printed out, so I’m writing it on the back of those. Its probably pretty crappy writing right now but I haven’t gone back to read any of it yet…


Well, not all Sinderlos are evil, such as Detective Samsul Dergon (he’s a side character). But I guess I’m good at writing some despicable moments for them. And you don’t know how good or bad your works are until you go back and look at them.