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Can’t find the answer from Wattpad; is anyone else’s story ranking not changing at all?


Maybe the rankings you’re seeing are just staying the same? Mine don’t change that much but update occasionally.


I don’t think that’s so, because I only have 4 tags ranked and I have gotten a lot more votes since then (and filled up the 25 tag limit) but I thought rankings update everyday


Maybe something is up then. I’m not exactly all that familiar with the system though so I don’t fully know. Maybe you could find a thread where you can ask one of the Wattpad advisers about it or something like that.


The tag limit is 25?


Yup. I saw that somewhere too.

@RocketManEarth Oh I haven’t gotten that far yet… and yeah, you’re right about not knowing for sure how good it is until you go back, but I have barely any descriptive details in it bc writing it out by hand is so slowwww that I’m just trying to get the meat of it down. So I know that it sucks in that sense.




Okay, not going to spoil anything. Just know he appears after the first time Theon’s team goes after their first mission. That’s all I’m going to say on that topic. And yeah, leaving out a lot of detail, some that may be important, would make the quality to go down. But maybe there’s parts in there that isn’t that bad. Who knows?

@NineLight Hold on, I’ll check what the tag limit is. Give me one second.

@oblivionlii10 Hi.


So yeah, tag limit is 25. And if you go over that amount it just deletes all of the tags from before. Side note: if you click Cancel without saving your tags it undoes the deletes.


Should you fill out all of the tags?


If you can hit on the good one, yeah… people might be searching on them & you cannot rank on a tab if it is not on you book


Ah, I see. I would have put more on mine but I ran out of things that relate to my book.


Just keep adding as you think of more


Well whatever you do, just don’t go over the amount. That’s all.


Ill keep that in mind, thanks.^^


In this thread we often read a small bit someone posts or talk over a particular problem, but if you want to find read for reads you will need to post in the Srory Services.


Somebody shared some female empowerment hashtags the other day. Who was it?


Mine haven’t moved on my WIP for about a week even though the rate at which it’s getting readers and votes has increased over that time. Not by a large amount but it’s above average for that story.

I’m glad someone else has noticed because I thought it was just me.

Edited to add: Notifications are also off. I uploaded a new chapter yesterday which got 4 votes and 8 comments. It notified me of the comments but only one of the votes shows in my notifications feed.





Bad Ass Girls actually has a community profile as well.


Thanks for the link! Might want to give that a look since Mist has badass ladies.