Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



Hey guys. How have you all been? It’s been awhile.


Has anyone ever done this: spend a week or more editing your book, making sure there’s no typos and that it’s the best you can make it. After you’re done with the mass-editing session, you unintentionally find the ONE typo that was hidden in plain sight


Just before Christmas I spotted a typo in a publication I had worked on with someone else 6 months previously. We had both proof read it and had 3 other people fact check it. No-one spotted that typo.

What was even worse? It was in the article’s damn headline. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes::open_mouth::exploding_head:


Writing stuff heh. All while refreshing/seeking inspiration with some Gungrave fanarts and game cutscenes.


I actually end up making typos after editing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I do that A LOT. Missing words and punctuation errors are worse in my edited draft than they were in first draft. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yup. I try so hard… then see ‘coy’ instead of ‘koi’. Mind blown.

Oh my god, I am so wired after reading the latest instalment of Ants. I think the book is starting to wrap up, and I think I can swallow up a chapter every frigging hour. Wish it was finished, it would have been one of those stay up to 3 am to finish reads.

Am gonna go write Xi lazing on the grass now to chill. Damn, I wish I could write that intense…


Hey, people. What’s up? Hope you’re all busy. I’m gonna see how much of this chapter I can actually get done today.


Busy writing, editing.

I actually ended up cutting off a bit of the latest chapter’s ending to make the beginning of ch15 more coherent. And here comes my messy style: Windmill and asura introduced. Then I go back to write the real beginning of the chapter.


Damn…I’ve submitted my first book for a contest, and I’m worried because I’ve spent months editing my book. However, there’s still the possibility of one pesky typo lingering. It is what it is, and if there’s only one typo in the sea the 75 parts of my book, I can live with that. i just pray my book is a good read. I worry about this stuff, but I’m still excited nonetheless. o.o I haven’t really looked at my first book with a critical eye since…I don’t know, last October? School’s demanded my upmost attention, so I’ve kind of pushed it off to the side.
(Ah…The trials and tribulations of a writer…What’ll drive us insane first? Writer’s block, or all the damn typos that seemingly manifest out of thin air?)


Typos are super insignificant errors if they’re few and far in-between. Don’t stress!


I am still completely unfocused, jumping from one thing to another… i honestly cannot recoomend Ants highly enough… anyways, I am an excitable person, and the Wattpad demands of switching your attention constantly between things is draining on the neurons. I am starting to get the inklings of what I want to write ‘after Xi’, but I am not sure. I just don’t feel I can create the ind of tension I enjoy in the stories, and it bugs me.

So I went and checked the Royal Road: 862 views, 10 followers atm, still the same 3 ratings (4.67 average) and I am doing nothing more than scheduling a daily chapter. Pretty cool. Still loving the interface.

My read count on the Webnovel is far higher, but I find it suspect, b/c there is no feedback loop at all (as in followers/ratings). I think they have some sort of boting software increase the counts or something.


I’ve seen typos make it in to traditionally published print novels and it’s even worse in ebooks. I wouldn’t worry about the odd one or two.


hi guys! i was wondering what the best way to promote your book is. so, i mean is it more effective to post it in the story categories on here or on twitter, instagram etc.


I have the stress level of a lemming when it comes to my writing, I try to not freak out, but I still do.


Everyone says the genre SYS threads don’t get read, but I read them. Obviously I’m the only one. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Try the story requests board instead.

You can also look on the book clubs board for a club to join

And on the main site search for any awards that are currently open.

Make sure you engage with other people’s work too. If you read comment and vote on stories similar or in the same genre as yours people will start to notice.


thank you soo much!


Essentially, you need to maintain a presence on wattpad. The more you do, the more you’ll recieve.




I hear social media works really well if you do it right, but I don’t have any experience with it.