Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



If you know how to work Instagram, I hear it’s the best outside the WP venue atm. But I can’t tell heads from tails there, lol, and I am not graphically talented… I think it’s all pictures nowadays that help get attention rather than texts.


I’ve already found a few errors/typos in my history textbook already, which is distracting. I’m on page 16. -_-


There is an open call from London Reader for a Time Travel stories under 5K if anyone is interested


Weirdly enough, if I wrote a story about going back in time to bang someone, it’d probably be way longer than 5k. My stupidest ideas get to about 10k before I realize what I’d gotten myself into.


Could be a fun challenge to keep it under 5k, then!


I’m always up for a challenge but I have enough stories occupying my time. Don’t need another one going rogue on me.

But if I did write it, the title would be “F*ck Boys like Socrates,” titled after a line from a Childish Gabino song and the target would be some philosopher, don’t know which but boy, a Chinese one would be fun…

Dude, I 100% can’t write this. It’ll be a novel before I know it.


That title is a winner for sure XD





I just died laughing. Loving the meme




So apparently one of the best motivators for me is when somebody comes straight out and says I’m being lazy when I know I’ve been lazy (thanks mom). Also seeing other people working so hard and consistently, like how you guys are with your stories, inspires me to write too. Otherwise I feel like a fraud when I claim to be a writer like you guys. So thanks to everybody for being so inspirational for me! (Also no I’m not actually writing right now :sweat_smile:…but I will soon.)

@NineLight Hey. How’s it going?


I haven’t written a story in a very long time. All I’ve been doing is editing and outlining.


Yeah, but it’s something productive related to writing :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes. And my story has over 40 chapters, so every time I review it, my chances of catching everything are not great. A typo is like a pesky chest hair that came out of nowhere.


Huh, that’s an interesting analogy XD. Can’t exactly relate, but I know what you mean. Especially for typos that should have been super obvious.


Yay it’s raining and I love it
I hope it stays that way all day
Today I must try and update my stories especially the one I’m writing at the moment


Hey, it’s a mark of maturity that you can respond to a callout productively, too. Lots of people go system shutdown when they get called out like that. If you feel like doing sprints later, let me know. I have the evening off, so I’m debating writing between studying bouts.


Thanks, I might take you up on that offer if things aren’t too crazy in my house later.


Sounds awesome, dude. I’ll study in the interim. :+1: