Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



I just uploaded a chapter after spending a bit editing it. Now I will work on other stuff after I take a nap.


Heh. I feel that ten years down the road I will still be revising the first duel in Crimson Qi, in chapter 3. I have touched up on it every time I edited Qi, expanded it to about 2x its initial size, and literally everyone keeps commenting they want more. Also, that duel is re-enacted later by two different characters and becomes a famous song. I figure Qi lacks many things, but the description of that duel is just not one of them, but… apparently?

Hilariously, in chapter 3 of the Stellar Cruises literally everyone wants the gun and hover boards fight to be shorter.

Should I just make sure I never write a fight in chapter 3? Will thatpropell me to success?


Sounds like you’ve got some hard-to-please readers.


Heh. Nah, they are great, I am just a bit stomped about the further potential for expansion…


Why do they want more? They don’t think you gave enough detail? Do they just love it so much that they never want it to end?


Initially it was emotional involvement, so i added that. Now, I guess it just lacks enough drama still & is over too fast? But, well, unlike the melee duels, a pistol one has specific pacing, and is over fast, unless they miss. And the big plot point is that the POV guy never misses. And, no, he also does not crumble feeling nauseous because omg he killed someone and… etc.

At some point I will go looking how to fill it in some more. At least it is better than Stellar because there I had already cut it down to the plot-relevant skeleton.


It had stopped raining earlier
I’m so disappointed that it’s stopped


Hello everyone who reads my comments that I post on this thread. I figured out which mystical item to give to the other faction if anyone cares. Also I’m approaching 150K words, I’m sure I’ll post when I actually reach that. So how’s everyone else doing?


I’m good. What’s the magical item? I can’t remember if I offered any suggestions on that or not, but I’m fairly sure I didn’t.


Sweet. What did ya come up with?

Currently studying US geography for the first time in six years for a quiz on Tuesday…turns out my memory sucks.


Well that’s good to hear. And I’m editing an old item to do something different.

@RiggSessamekesh Sorry to hear, I hope the studying works. I’m reworking that necklace that I posted about before to do something else.

It’s a necklace that allows the wearer (the leader of the other faction) to see allies through surfaces. The original wearer can give access to this power by choice (so his team can have access to it too). Also the wearer can divide his team into different smaller groups. Everyone that is given access to it can telepathically set a marker (such as pointing at something) that others can see. They can also assign targets to each other so when they breach into a room they can know where everyone is and who they’re shooting at. That’s about all I have so far, I might add a little more later but I have it to help coordination between the team members.

What do you guys think? Does it sound good?


That sounds pretty cool, and very useful. It sort of reminds me of something out of a video game.


Yeah… Might have gotten the idea from a video game. But let’s be honest it’d be useful IRL if it existed.


Sounds like a sweet upgrade. I wish they had a score streak like that in COD so you could see everybody (including teammates) through walls.


Yeah, it would.


@RiggSessamekesh I thought they had something like that already. I admit I used to play COD but I’ve fallen out of love with it and the FPS genera in general a bit lately. Plus COD has so much futuristic technology now I’m surprised they don’t.

@Sophiea34 Yeah, that’s why I’m adding it in there.


You can see enemies if you have a UAV with a certain upgrade, but not teammates. Also I’m not the biggest fan of most of the newer ones (they suck imo). I mostly play Advanced Warfare and then WW2 every once in a while.


Yeah, my last one was Ghosts, then I played BF4 a lot, and then the new consuls came out and I just never upgraded. Kinda glad too with all the news about all of them as of late.


I’ve never played BF. Do you play XBox or PS?


Hey babe, how’s the sprint situation looking?