Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



Can’t quite yet. If my bro stays asleep I might be able to soon though.


Xbox 360. Though I’ve had trouble connecting to the school’s wi-fi as of late so I’ve been offline single player games (such as my favorites as State of Decay and Skyrim). I’ve also been playing on PC a lot more too (Steam mostly). What about you?


All right! I have about an hour and a half left to work, then it’s bedtime for this grandma. That 3:30am wakeup time tho. But if we don’t make it tonight, we can always try tomorrow!


So I’m done writing my chapter that broke the fourth wall and I had an idea. What about writing a story in third person but the narrator is just sarcastic and pessimistic constantly and when the characters do something bad or good they respond appropriately? Kinda like this:

As the group headed to, yet another cave, since they can’t think of anything better to go into to find treasure, they encounter more useless bandits that’s just die if they try walking a few steps. But there is a bandit boss, who is more competent than the others and will probably destroy the group because they’re also incompetent but less than the bandits. After a quick battle one of the members of the group died… This shouldn’t be surprising since he was a mage rushing a line of shields without anyone helping him… Yeah, no tears, just moving on.


That is hilarious.


I know, I’m already thinking of how to write it.


everyday we get more meta


It was just a spur of the moment thought. Plus if done right it could be interesting IMO.


no, i think its a hilarious idea too, go for it.
now if we could just combine that with 5th person pov…


I’m taking it one step at a time. You can go ahead and try to combine the two, but I’m just doing one step at a time.





Guys, what sounds more like a proverb:

One man doth not an army make
One hero maketh no army


The sentiment I want to convey is that one man is nothing… or is there an equivalent in English already? What I am trying to translate is ‘one on the battlefield is not a soldier/warrior’


I’d say One hero maketh not an army.


PS4. I like the controllers better than XBox.

@seeMISARCHIST I can do the sprint now. You wanna say go when you’re ready?


My vote’s on the first one. :+1:


Okay, I’ve thought about getting a PS4 but money is tight right now.


I like the structure of “not a _____ make”


So I’m writing a story about a spaceship engineer who accidentally adopts a kid. There’s a genderless alien that sorta helps him through parenthood so I was wondering if there’s a good genderless parental title to give them. Or should I just stick with their name? Should I make one up?


I like the first one.