Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



I’m assuming it’s Si-Fi, so you could make up a title and say it’s the title for the alien on their home planet for that kind of situation.


Technically my little bro (he’s kid number 3) got the one that I use for his birthday a year or two ago, then it got taken over by the next two younger (kids 4&5). Then kid 3 got a new one for Christmas so my dad, two of my bros, and I can play COD together, two people to a console, and so he has his own thing. My parents bought both of them, so that’s the only reason I have one to play on.

Also sorry if that made no sense. When you’ve got eight people including yourself in your house, it’s hard to keep track of stuff lol.


First one.


Thanks, guys!


Nah, I could follow it. I used to play CoD BO2 with my little sister (she’s at most 2 years younger than me though) and we played on the same device all the time. So I get how it was.


Okay, good. BO2 was the first COD game I ever played. My dad, my oldest little bro (he’s 2 years younger than me too), and I would play that at the same time on a TV considerably smaller than the one we have now. Idk how we managed that because that would suck to do now.

We always played on Standoff against a bunch of bots (then eventually we played online). It’s been years but I could still navigate around that map with no problem because we played it so many times.


This may have been from six hours ago, but holy crap is that great XD I want to see a book written like that that isn’t irritating. (A book written in fifth person is like writing in second person, only so much more repetitive.)


Yeah, my sis and I always played on a small TV as well. Standoff was amazing though, and I was always going for the diamond camo on snipers (I never got it, but I got it on SMGs so there’s that). We also played zombies a lot, we always played Die Rise though since she liked it the most.


That is a good point but also the one that leads to the most work. Guess now I have to look at their native language (stupid aliens with their stupid cultures).


I’m not big on zombie video games. I can do zombie books, movies, and TV shows, but I can NOT handle the games. They freak me out XD.


Thank you, I thought there was only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person and your comment made me do some research.


Whoa whoa whoa 5th person is a real thing?!?!


Lol, my pleasure, I apologize for randomly laughing at a meme that was posted six hours ago, but I simply couldn’t ignore it. I’ve been busy for most of the day, so this is the first time since this morning I’ve had access to my computer


It was a meme from Ant man and the Wasp that @seeMISARCHIST posted. It’s too good XD (I would like to say it is from Ant man and the Wasp, If I’m wrong, please don’t flog me.)


Yah, I saw it XD. I just thought it was a joke…Well there’s the new thing I’ve learned today.


Lol, you learn something new every day XD


That’s what people tell me, but idk if I actually do haha


@KelKaiser Trust me, mashing keys on a keyboard and picking something that sounds good works.

@RiggSessamekesh Yeah, Cod zombies isn’t that bad (depending on the map tbh). It’s actually not that scary at times (as long as you know what you’re doing).


You probably do, but it’s most likely the weirdest things, like there’s a possibility fifth person exists.


No 1