Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



It’s not so much that it’s scary, it just gets really intense and then I get so into it that I start screaming every time something hits me :joy::joy:


Well that’s everyone to be fair. And my sister was always like that, and when she went down and I tried to save her we both went down. If I didn’t save her I could’ve survived but she’d be mad at me.


True that. Not for the faint of heart.


What’s wrong with meta? I love meta.


nothing. me too


I’ve written a sentence in a week.



Hell yeah it is. Now write another one in one hour.


Ugh, I’m just not feeling anything right now. I’m just so constantly tired.


Going to put a pin in it for tonight on 500 words, total 27.5K.

I needed to get Xi to leave town for a while, so I wanted him to just chat with his magic bird about going after a robber baron, then fast forward to him riding back for the Next Event, but now am thinking of writing a small knight errant adventure for him, give him an option to show mercy & anyway he has a lot of white knight in him…


You disappoint me, big sis.


I disappoint a lot of people :joy:

I’m writing a bit now. I’m trying to finish this chapter.


Well, I finished my 4th wall break chapter and started the chapter where everyone is rescued from the execution. Finishing at 144K words tonight.


Good. All is well.


I think I’m going to shorten chapters for my new project (a revival of an old story) from between 2 and 3 thousand words closer to 500 and 1,500 words. I feel like maybe the word length of chapters could have been another reason for my burn out with Aldonia. I can always merge chapters together if I intend to publish it some day.


I wish I could write more lately. Horses and photography are just taking so much energy out of me. Like, my whole weekend is just that.


So you’re photographing horses? Planning on sharing?


I ride horses and I photograph them.


Very cool. My sister did that WAY back in the day. Like WAY WAY back. lol


You can have a look if you want:


Thank you I will. I enjoy drawing and painting along with writing.