Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



I’m having a day of just thinking no one really likes my work, and I know that’s a dumb thing that we all go through, but I’m just so frustrated. I love my book! I want more people to love it the way I do, but I–like many of us, I know–have very few readers, and right now I’m just severely doubting that what I do is any good.


Just keep writing. It all comes with time. It took me a good two years to get discovered and even then I just put my head down and worked.


I haven’t been able to post my fantasy story because I have a bunch of irl stuff going on but honestly it always felt like if I don’t go off with some glorious flawless writing it’s never going to take off but I guess that’s life

On the bright side, my poetry collection is going better than I thought with a few organic readers and I’m content with that


Thanks for the encouragement; I really need it right now. I queried for a year after editing my book like 15 times and got like one sort-of bite from a literary agent who ultimately turned me down…now I’m just tired and doubting. Then I put it on here, and it’s taken me two months to get it to even 1k…ugh, sorry I’m ranting. Rough day.


You kinda have to keep in mind that most readers on this platform have the attention span as long as your finger. If you write like George R.R. Martin, you’re probably going to struggle because your writing is too good for feeble minds.

If you write like Sarah J. Maas, you’ll be famous.

Or all of this could be complete bullshit and I should be writing right now, but I’m watching FailArmy, so I suck, let’s not talk about it. I dunno. halp.


Holy crap those are some great photos.


I almost got published when I was 13, and even that rejection was hard to take. This industry has a lot of rejection. The real testament is to whether you’re strong enough to keep pushing through. If you’re feeling down about your first rejection, put your adulting pants on and work through it, because you’re probably going to be rejected another 50 times before you get accepted.

Think Rowling. That’s probably the best example of patience.


I write dense by my own standards :frowning:


The second account, all those photos were taken by me. The first one, all were taken by me except the ridden ones.


This is a great point really. I know most of the readers on here are much younger than I am, and that my writing maybe goes a bit over their heads. I feel like I’ve seen a few other fantasy writers like that on here.


Then don’t write dense?


Idk it’s just a style I developed, it’s not 'dense dense" but I tend to start drifting into descriptions because I’m big on worldbuilding and it’s something I struggle with a lot. My friends adore my writing (because I post a lot of brainstorming in our discord) but I feel like if I pieced everything together it’ll be hard to really understand and stick through for the average wattpad reader


Fantasy is a tricky genre on Wattpad. You’ll find that fantasy written by older people struggles; as in, writers who probably write along the lines of Terry Brooks struggle. Fantasy books with more teenager-esque themes do better because 90% of readers on this platform are teenagers. It’s hard to get your head around it. Fantasy is one of those weird genres. Romance is straight forward – write about a bad boy who is also a billionaire, add some 50 Shades rip off and there you go. So is Teen Fiction – the bad boy of the school gets with the shy girl, the nerdy girl, the girl who in the first chapter has a complete description of herself and how she doesn’t like herself. Boom. Fame.

I dunno. It’s all just hard.


Ehh, so do I and I’m doing okay.


My book “The Masquerade” is filled to the brim with descriptions. It’s won some awards, it’s at about 8K reads. It does okay.


All of my work is heavy on the descriptions, and I’ve won Wattpad user-held writing contests and got featured.


I don’t think I’m a good prose writer, at least, I just kind of fall apart if I have to write anything longer than like 300 words. I can write cool dialogues, I can do worldbuilding or little snippets of action scenes or whatever but I have been sitting on trying to write a novel for a few years at this point


Do short stories, then. That may solve your problem.


That would be ideal but at this point I just wish I would have something but colleges (apps) is taking up a lot of my mental space rn


Dude I’m always tired too…it sucks so much :disappointed: