Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



I feel like I don’t know how to write anymore and I hate it and does anyone else feel that way?


It comes and goes, yes.


And I don’t want to force it, but I want words on paper, you know?


I usually read/comment or write a short story if I feel down.


Reading usually helps for me also.


Finished my work from the past 6 days. Now to do some planning



How is everyone?


Good, relaxing.


By relaxing, you better mean writing.


Nope, TV binge watching


Turn that shit off and get to writing.


I need to plan. Writing a blurb again. I keep tweaking the plot to help me iron out the key points of the plot.


Planning still counts. TV off, plan on!


I wrote a blurb.

Tristan gets old his job as the captain of the guard back but he has to train the Prince, and he doesn’t know how to fight. He’s more interested in the cult that threatens to take down the Royal family.

After a brush with the past, Tristan is left in a prison cell. The Prince rescues him before his visit to the chopping block and Tristan is ready to face his past.

Roaming the streets of Strak, the Prince and Tristan become targets of the cult. The cult want Tristan for his abilities and the Prince for vengeance. Tristan must tie up his past mistakes before the cult catch him for a future he wants no part in.


Sheesh, bossy much? :joy::joy: jk

Whatcha up to?

@AlexisTKingston It’s shorter than the last time you posted your blurb, isn’t it? Also I feel like maybe you should briefly reference why he stopped working on the guard since you mention that he’s getting his job back. Just a thought.


what are you working on? (i ask out of curiousity bc your writing is awesome and I will totally read it when (or if) you post to wp)


@AlexisTKingston That sounds intriguing so far! What else are you trying to add to it?

@RiggSessamekesh I’m currently engaging in a war with the organization that certified me as a personal trainer because their website is janky af and making me want murder. I’ll settle into writing and/or studying once I’m done laying heat, though. YOU WRITING?

@ellehcelliab You flatter me, babe! <3 Once I’m done the above-mentioned yelling at my organization, I’ll be jotting down scenes for my series timeline in between studying bouts. How about yourself??


Trying to cut out the unnecessary stuff. Will do, becoming proud of my unplanned baby.


Gotta plan my country that I’ve based off a small European country. Still no sure whether to stick to Lichtenstein. Also thinking of doing a character profile for my main character as well. Got a pantheon to sort too.


Yikes, that sounds irritating. And I will soon. Got a few more pages of reading for history and…

Nvm, probably not going to be writing soon because a certain little munchkin just woke up from his nap. Crap. Maybe he’ll be happy in his crib for a little while so I can at least finish schoolwork.