Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



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Crimson Qi was edited by my friend, who is a native Romanian speaker, but she has a fierce ability in languages, and Romanian has structures paralleling romanic languages, and actually iirc has even more past tenses than English.

As a native Russian speaker, I struggle time & again with the Past Tenses and the articles, both of those grammar concepts not having equivalents in Russian. Those are very easy for the native speaker to see as ‘just does not sound right’ but I am deaf to it in writing, so I go by memorized examples. It does not help that multiple versions may be ‘correct’ with the tenses.

It is easier for me to stick my tongue between my teeth in time to do “th” than to pick up on where it is appropriate to do Past perfect.

And I did not learn to punctuate properly in either language, I punctuate emotionally. But, to be honest, I feel that 85% of people do irregardless of language. And, yes, I am aware of the obvious examples where comma changes the meaning of a sentence, but when it is not black & white…


It’s something you’ll get the hang of with repeated exposure over time. It’s like learning any language. But it’ll be easier for you long-term to start addressing the issues yourself instead of looking to editors to do it. Looking to editors for advice is perfectly fine, but if you never learn these things yourself, you’re going to find yourself repeating this same editing struggle over and over every time you want to post something, ya know? Plus, editors usually bungle works. 100% of free editors are not qualified to give perfect grammar advice. 90% of paid editors even fumble it. (Stats pulled from experience and observation, YMMV.)


I do what I can, but I feel more confident after I had a second set of eyes on my text before posting it publicly.


Understandable. Again, I’m here if you want generalized grammar advice on anything.


I am super-greatful that I can throw a sentence that bugs me in this thread. It helps me build the confidence.


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Trying to focus. I only have a slight headache along with a cough/sore throat where I’ve already taken a cough drop for. I got back from my last 8:30 am lab a bit ago and I’m working on a chapter to reintroduce one of the characters in my story who’ll be joining the team officially after the second battle so she’ll be there for the third battle (if that makes sense). Also I have the chapter or two after that planned out already which should be good if I just blow off studying (which I probably won’t/shouldn’t).


What do you guys think of the title Blind Sight? Does it sound stupid?


my english grammar sucks i am too lazy to edit i dont like that XD so i keep publishing meh grammar chapters i mean not bad but not godly grammar wise.


This is so fitting for finals season XD


…does this work?

Because my anatomy class is kicking my butt.


No, it just makes me think that the story’s going to be full of ‘nothing is what it seems’ tropes. Which I personally like, so awesome? xD


Hang on, lemme ask the voices in my head… /calls a mental meeting/ uh-huh…okay…yep.

The voices say that it only works if you say you believe in fairies and then take a swim in the River Styx. Also you have to consume the tears of a unicorn.