Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



Ugh, I wish I could write an epic psychological thriller, but it’s more of a mystery/crime type of story.


Those are still psychologically thrilling to me! <3


Bye productivity. I’m not even sorry. Losing my certification in three months from not studying might make me sorry, but … ehhhhhh. xD


Hey, your game just came. That always shoots to the top of a priorities list XD


lol my series uses the people inside your head formula XD totally unoriginal but i like it till now i think one of characters is original tho i mean i haven’t seen a personification of a chronic depression yet XD


Oh shit, my dudes. This one lets you customize your character’s appearance. Oh no. How do I make her not ugly. Fuck.


There’s nothing wrong with “people in your head.” It’s the execution of the story that counts :wink:


only one character has it lol my mc Dark it think i handled it pretty well till now


I am a fairy what are you saying o.o

Also how did you know what flavour of tea i like o.o


Oh well in that case just sprinkle a little fairy dust on your targets and yell “GIMME THE BRAINSSSSS” and then you’ll get their IQ points.






Got to my first NSFW scene start. Now I will see if I can put my money where my mouth is. Lol. Hopefully I do not cheap out.


Hahaha. A while back, I think I figured out the key to making a scene more erotic without being NSFW.


Hey everyone. How are you all doing today?

I’m about to attempt to write and probably get nothing done, just like yesterday.


I hope you get some good words down!


Thanks. Me too XD


Someone very kind pointed me to a motherload of regency steamy romance covers, so tomorrow, I shall spend a long, hard day working really hard on my cover. I don’t know how I shall manage, but, well, someone has to do it… lol.


Good luck.


Started getting a group on twitter. Reddit is a very bad idea. Been there and nothing good came from it.


Oh, the reddit group I hang on once in a while is fine. It is small, and all I do is weekly progress check ins.