Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



Should I wait to post the bonus chapters at the end of the book, or should I put them with the chapter they correspond to?


End of the book with a reference to the chapter. Otherwise it’ll be messy


How do you write if you’re extremely tired and your creativity nopes out?


Strap your hands to the keyboard and tape eyes open

Honestly, my real answer is almost the same. I usually put on some music I feel will go well with whatever I’m trying to write and force myself to put words on the page. Doesn’t have to be good, just has to be something.


It’s hard to say. Usually I have more luck with editing or reading when I am exhausted.


Drink coffee and listen to really loud music


Am I the only one who just sleeps?


Sleeping is hard when bad memories haunt you when you’re awake and nightmares when you’re asleep…

But yes, I’m trying that


Are you narrating the beginning to an Underworld sequel.


I am not.


Life’s gonna be okay, I promise.


I hope things get better.


Me too. Never had backlash last four days


Man, the drop off rate on my book is insane. 175~ reads and 75 of them are on the first chapter. :confused:


That’s not bad for retention.


What do you mean?


Reader retention, usually lots more people drop book after ch1. It’s free, so peeps don’t invest unless they are crazy about it.


Yeah. I guess so.

Now that I am learning how to code in html, I can do this stuff. Sweet! I’m still a little sad.


Hello! I need some encouragement and to vent. Have I come to the right place?