Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



Probably. The guy who runs this is all over the forums.


Lol okay this is going to sound arrogant but… a wattpad genre account qouldn’t add my book to their reading list even though I thought it was quite a good book?

Now I’m questioning my writing quality and stuff >_<

Idk what to do


What book is it?


You mean, like, the specific title? >_<


Yeah. I wanna check it out.


You don’t have to check it out lol but it’s nice of you to offer.

It’s called the infraction of Magic and I’m probably missing something (?) Because it’s my first attempt at fantasy


I tried sending mine either, and nobody even deigned to reply, so… I think they have so much fantasy they don’t even read applications, tbh.


That’s comforting to know ^-^ Which Fantasy account did you send yours in for?


The one they advertised as the ‘new rules’ for featured, and the fantasy list i found under the orange Wattpad drop down menu. I dunno, there are some other ones floating around, but the Asian one is dead, so…


Assuming y’all are talking about getting featured in stuff.

Getting featured, they don’t do applications anymore, I don’t think. Nowadays, you have to tag your book to be feature? Don’t quote me on this, but I think it’s clear now that you don’t send applications in to be featured.


They had started a thread on this very forum like three weeks ago, opening the new application and queue for featured list.


So they’re bringing back the application process to get featured?


Yes, they did. They even gave statistics, etc of the applications. it looked pretty impossible to make it in fantasy.


About fucking time. I got featured in fanfiction through the application process when I first started in 2015. Although it took me three times to actually get accepted, it’s vastly more on the fair side then just tagging the featured tag on your book, which gets you lost in a sea of shitty books anyway. The application process is the fairest way to do it. I thought it was stupid to get rid of it in the first place. But, then again, Wattpad’s been making a lot of stupid decisions as of late.


I don’t keep up enough with Wattpad to know. What does Wattpad even do?


Readers are going to have to start paying to read books. Some already have to.


Well, that does not concern most of us anyway.


Perhaps not, but it will soon.


Why? It’s just for popular authors. And if not, when there is always the press-whatever dot net.


What he said