Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



And if you find a book that you want to read, but can’t because you’ll have to pay for it? It’s likely going to roll out to a lot of people soon enough.


You get to choose if your book is monetized, right? I think the system will rectify itself.


You’re only monetized if you’re invited by Wattpad to participate in the Future’s program.


Or the Next beta.


Wow, this conversation has really deviated. But lol, I wasn’t referring to featuring :'D


I’m assuming so? But a lot of authors in the program have been bashed for getting on board. Of course it’s a choice, but if you got the opportunity to get money from your book, wouldn’t you agree? Most of people would like this author, who received disgusting, horrible messages about monetising her work. It got so bad that she left for more than a month. That’s what I mean by it’s affecting a lot of people, readers and writers alike.

I don’t necessarily agree with monotising Wattpad works, but if I got approached to be in the program, I’d probably say yes.


These threads usually get off topic pretty darn quick. Not just this one. XD


Pretty sure the Futures program is not the same as the Next beta.


I created a Patreon account and have it linked at the end of my completed story and profile bio. That way, there’s that option. Wattpad is currently revising guidelines but says it’s fine for now.


They are different. Futures is getting paid through advertisements and Next is unlockable content.


Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’m talking about the Next beta.

Do you actually get money out of Patreon, though? Most people are teenagers and don’t or can’t afford to support us as authors.


Shrugs. I have it as an option with the base donation of $2/month. That way it’s at least an option and they can cancel it any time.


You didn’t really answer my question :joy:


Actually I did. :slight_smile: You get money from Patreon and I believe it’s monthly but only if people donate.


Well, I mean, the question was do you actually get money from it. As in, are people actually donating the $2.

casually not trying to start an argument, but this feels kinda passive aggressive XD


I’m just curious. Wanna see if it’s worth trying.


I just created it today XD


Soooo no?


Not yet.


Oh, dear, do you know how many books I read simultaneously? Over 20. One more, one less won’t make a lick of a difference.