Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



RIP your wallet.


k bro, whateva floots ya boot.


I hope you can make at least some money out of that.


None of them are going to be chargeable. And if they do, well, maybe it for the best. I am exhausted of being a professional reader. People don’t read what I write. Maybe I should just accept it and leave it alone.




Then don’t be a professional reader. Be casual.



Reading should be something you enjoy. Saying you’re a professional makes it sound like you’re doing it solely for business purposes.


That’s what library is for & I will happily return to it.


I agree.


k bro, whateva floots ya boot


Reading for pleasure does not involve critiquing what you read. You sit back and enjoy.


for me writing is just a hobby i accept the fact that i will never become a famous author XD so i will not even ask for money and the program will never approach me anyway so i am good :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


That’s not a bad way to view it :grin:


You sound highly strung, and that’s coming from a highly strung person :joy:


but critique can help somebody tho.


Some people would rather ask for it, but just reading purely to critique is exhausting and you’ll likely fall out of love with reading.


true but i usually spam them with funny comments because i am a very loud reader XD


I get most of that on my work and I love it, so I wouldn’t complain at all. On one of my books, there’s, like, four or five lyric chains/finish the lyric comment threads going on and it’s hilarious.