Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



i really dont like silent reading its bah lol i am making a Hall of Fame in my NNN journal to reward those who commented on my book because people need to start opening there mouths on there :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


in generel tbh like i get stressed because what are those silent peeps thinking when reading my story do they like it? or do they hate it? well i will never know because they keep there trap shut XD


It’s nice you leave comments. It feels like only people in the forums are the most likely to comment on a story.




I guess it depends on the story and your popularity.


I didn’t know you could apply to be featured…that will be useful to know in the future.


I leave for a few hours and there’s 75 replies. And all without me. So writing has been pushed back because of college reasons (finals are next week and I’m panicking a little) and now I’m coming down with a full blown cold. Yay me… :slight_smile: So how everyone else tonight?


I am not high strung, I am exhausted. I read here, I read at work, I read to my kid… I read basically non-stop 14-15 hrs a day… it’s tiring.


Haha I spam with comments whenever I read fanfics XD. I’ll probably end up annoying somebody at some point but oh well :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’m eating Subway that’s been sitting out for four hours and preparing my mind to bang out a four page essay that’s due tomorrow night. I’ll finally be able to work on my story again on Friday so I’m looking forward to that.

I hope you feel better soon!


Thanks, and good luck with the paper. Obviously I want to be somewhat well for finals (because finals suck anyways and being sick during finals is even worse tbh). But yeah, it’s just a cold… I hope… Side note, what kind of sub is it?


Turkey and provolone on flatbread XD


So how goes the studying? I’ve only gone over like one chapter in history and I’m ready to be done.


Turkey and provolone sounds good right now (but it’s late and Subway’s closed. I should probably sleep to get better though tbh). Studying wise I’ve reviewed 2/3rds of my Calc 3 class, I just got through my late night physics class where it was nothing but review tonight, I’ve been reviewing slides for my Manufacturing Processes class (I hate that class with a passion), and Statics is review tomorrow and I’m going over the online review sheet over the weekend. I hope you get more studying done and do well on your exams.


I think they also live video interview you now.




Thanks, you too! I’m actually chugging coffee right now so that I won’t fall asleep for a few more hours lol.


Soda for me!


You know you need to sleep sometime right?


Oh yeah nvm I don’t do good with talking to people o the phone so I would fail that XD