Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc





just jamming on japanese music while reading posts XD


Yeah, no, I like sleep and I’m headed too bed in a bit so if I suddenly stop talking I’m either fighting ninjas or gone to bed. It’s mostly likely gone to bed.


Finished writing chapter seven today at 2100 words, it’s the longest for The White Rider. But Patreon has given me some motivation. I know readers probably won’t support me there, but it’s been a blessing for all the support the readers have given to the stories so far. :slight_smile:


Yeah…running on like four hours today, probably will
do the same tomorrow. I usually can’t get much schoolwork done until my family is asleep bc I’m the one who watches the kids all day, so when deadlines get close I just don’t sleep much.


I’m listening to Florida Georgia Line XD


you know whats scary i can perfecty sing along in Japanese now XD too much listening XD if i keep it ill be a weeb XD


Ha, I had a friend who learned Japanese just so he could understand the words to a song from Tokyo Ghoul.




Kinda seems like googling a translation would be simpler, but whatever lol


lol i want to learn japanese too but its so hard :joy::joy::joy:


I’m sorry to hear. If I had to take care of my sister (she’s old enough for me not to) I’d just probably get her to go to bed early or do something quiet for the time being. (Depends on what by her age, like I said, she’s old enough to not have me worry about her too much).

Also since we’re dropping music ideas, just look up 2Cellos on YouTube. Those guys are great (P.S. They’re more like a rock band than orchestra).






yes bro i was jamming on some initial D deja vue


yes bro i was jamming on some initial D deja vue


Will do. Also, the three I have to watch all day are all younger than 8, and my parents are home at night so I can’t become a total dictator or they’ll get mad (but I still have to watch the kids which is annoying). And they’re all loud and wild so getting them to be quiet is not a thing. Like, ever.


/listening to 2Cellos/
This is freaking epic. I just found more music to add to one of my many writing music playlists. Thanks @RocketManEarth!


Gungrave VR is scheduled to be release on EU tomorrow and US on 11th. Can’t wait to see how this will impact the dead fandom. :smiley: Though $40 may be really risky for such a small franchise…

Gushing aside, no writing done yet because all these trade contracts and work are killing me.


You could write a different scene for your WIP. I have two chapters that are way WAY out of place, but I had to write them before they vanished like a keg at a frat party. You could also start something new just to get your juices flowing again. During the summer I would switch from one project to the other when I got bored or burnt out.