Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



No problem, I found them by accident one day and I’ve been a fan ever since. Also for the kids maybe you could try having them play the Silent Game, where the last one to talk wins. Just an idea.


Thanks for the advice. I got through it eventually, although the timing could be better since I have the motive to write but need to study. So yeah, the next few chapters will be a bit more eventful and I already have them slightly planned out so hopefully I won’t get stuck again.


/violent, strangled snorting/ Haha, that’s funny. /slowly dying/

Nah, they’re not really that bad XD, plus I’m used to it by now and can tune them out sometimes. Usually they’ll be quiet for a bit if they watch YouTube or something. The real trick is getting them to stay calm and quiet while our baby bro is napping so that they don’t wake him up. Working while he’s awake doesn’t usually end well because he’ll scream at me if I leave him in his high chair or crib and am somewhere he can see me. No joke. But he’s really cute and sweet the rest of the time so he sorta makes up for the screaming lol.

To sum up, I’m not contradicting myself, I just feel bad for making my siblings look like total brats. They’re great, they really are, I just get sick of big sistering all of the time. And it is hard to do schoolwork while watching them.


Big sisters are amazing. I swear, I wouldn’t be a functioning adult without mine.


Aw, that’s sweet. I hope I do a good enough job with my siblings now and have good relationships with them when they’re grown up. Honestly, though, sometimes I feel like such a screwup because I know I could do better.


Whenever you mention them, I can’t help thinking you’re doing a great job. It’ll take a lot for whatever you could have done better to overshadow what you did do. And just thinking you can do better is kinda amazing on your part because others would be like, ‘they should be grateful for what I am doing.’


…then take a break.

No one is making you read that much, nor is anyone forcing you to be a “professional reader”. If you’re exhausted, take a break.


Wow, that’s really what you got from me talking about them? I kinda felt like I was just complaining about them all the time… Thank you for being so encouraging! :heart:


Just finished another review so whew…

Anyone know why there are so many stories on here that don’t include proper punctuation? Is it writers writing on mobile or just not caring?


Probably both. It’s super annoying, isn’t it?


I feel you. When I see that, sometimes I wish I could just fix it all.


Yay somebody who understands how I feel.


Yeah, sometimes I have to stop myself from messaging the author and be like, “Can I edit this??” But then I don’t, cause sometimes people are offended by that, and also I’m signing myself up for more editing lol


Yeah. If the story is interesting enough, I’ll leave polite comments about it so the writer knows, and some of them do say they plan to edit the chapters, but come on, it’s basic punctuation!




Yeah! For me, it’s hard for me to write without punctuation! It would feel so wrong if I didn’t, even on just a first draft! (But then again, I am an native English speaker & writer, so… idk)


A Rider’s Fate taught me to read the chapters of The White Rider once, if not twice before publishing them, to look for mistakes and I’m already seeing major improvements from doing that.


Hm, yeah. It also helps to read it out loud. Even though I feel stupid reading it out loud, I catch sentences that make sense in my head but are worded funny. Or rather when I was reading it to my sister, I would be reading a sentence and have to stop and be like… wait, what?


Well, finally backed up everything to my computer. How funny is it that the total word count for ARF is 33337? XD I need to delete four words.


Holy crap, what in the fresh hell is this weather?!