Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



what is the weather?!


It’s almost 40 degrees celcius.


(Googles Celsius to Fahrenheit) :flushed: Wow! That is crazy! It’s raining and 55 degrees (12 degrees celcius) and night here.


Australia, man. There’s already bushfires roaring.


Our garage isn’t closing and it’s supposed to freeze tonight.


wow, wow. I’m in the United States, California. In the southern part of California. Rain isn’t usual for us, lol


Take my heat. I don’t fucking want it.

Literally me right now


Hey fellow Californian!


Hi! Nor Cal or SoCal?


I want the cold, just not the ice on the windshield.


My city is so hormonal. It’s going to be 38C tomorrow and then 26C and raining, and then 28C, and then back into the 30s.


Quit complaining then ahaha!


Outside of Sacramento.


haha wow!


Ah, I see.


I’m just hoping I won’t have to evacuate from the bushfires like in 2014. That was scary.


:grimacing: Eeek, yeah. Fires are no joke.


Especially when you gotta get the hell out with two horses, and then the fire follows you where you evacuated to, so you casually double back home.


I’m saying it. Rankings are stupid. Nothing is accurate. :confused:


preeeeeeeeeetty much.