Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc





It’s been like this FOR WEEKS. Seems like Support has given up on fixing them.


But horses, that’s cool!


Mine is: https://www.instagram.com/lauraandsamurai/


I’ve given up giving a shit about rankings to be honest.


:heart_eyes: Wow, neat! I live in a more suburban area, so I don’t see many horses. Although, I sometimes do see them when driving past. Just not that close to where I live.


I live in a suburban area as well, but there happens to be stables around.


Ugh, same thing here. I like the recent influx of r4r on my side, but it just turns my routine into this (roughly, I omitted activities like breakfast and stuff for simplicity’s sake in this new routine):

Work - Review - Sleep - Work - Review - Sleep - Work - Review - Sleep

No gaming. No writing. All just read and review after work and the accompanying homework (if available) and BC management.


Then take a break.


search for somebody who can run the book club so that you can take a break geez XD take it easy fam or else burnout will be coming for you​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


How about dis? Everyone takes a break :joy:


XD i cant because i have internship



Hey, saw your comment about the weather there. It’s the complete opposite here, -2 defreees Celsius and snowing…


I don’t think I want snow, but I don’t want this heat either. I’d rather the spring/autumn weather there it knows what it’s doing. But Adelaide is just so bipolar about its weather.


Ugh, I swear Mother Nature is mental where I live. There have been times where it was 80 degrees (26 C) one day and then 60 (15 C) the next day. I’m not even joking.


damn you climate change!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Or we’ll have days when it snows its butt off and then everything melts the next day bc it’s hot and sunny.


Nah, climate change has nothing to do with it, my state has always been like this because of geography and location XD


This is what I need: Look for somebody to do all the reviews for me. :joy: That’ll be a massive decrease on my workload.