Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



well i am about to start my workday damn you internship!!!


I’m about to chug coffee and finish my essay that’s due today. Then I’ve gotta study for my exam that’s this afternoon. So excited!
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Omg, enjoy!


I am planning to, yeah. Going to finish the ones I am started, and not take any new ones.

I did not decide yet if I should unpublish Stellar & don’t waste any more time on editing it & posting it, but I probably will.

Basically, everything will always be hard unless I write something other people will like reading, so I want to focus on that. I really do want it, I just don’t seem to get it how I do that.


I’m thinking of a title for a story I’m thinking about posting and i don’t trust my taste in titles. Does AshFall sound okay? I was thinking AshFall: Rise of Heroes. It’s a superhero story.


I love it. I had a character named Dusk Fell once, so I read it as Ash Fell first and was really excited.


Dusk Fell is so aesthetically pleasing, I love it. Would you mind giving them a sibling called Ash?


Oh, I do not play that game any longer, but yeah, I love the combination, and can see a few books in the series called that way.


Sounds pretty epic if you ask me :grin:


Awesome, although now I have to make sure the story is as epic as it sounds.


AshFall sounds good.


Good luck :+1:t2:


ffs harvest moon has overtaken my life. how is everyone doing in here?


Took my history final today and am finishing an essay. I take it you like the game? XD Are you playing it on PC?


Had a pleasant surprise on Twitter in an otherwise dull week so far today. :slight_smile:


Hope the exam was okay


Thanks, I think I did okay. I got to choose between either a bunch of multiple-choice questions or a few essay questions, and I took the easy way out and did the multiple choice lol. (seriously though, who in their right mind would choose the essay questions??)


you can control the direction of the bullshit you’re writing. you can’t control the bullshit that is multiple choice questions.

the game is destroying me. i don’t know who to spouse. this is the only reason i play this game, don’t judge me. do i go for the cowboy, the tropical lumberjack, or the … asian. i don’t even know his trade. he sort of owns a store?


Essays are more flexible in the scoring. But of course, it depends on the correctors… Here, some are nice enough to give “pity scores” in essays.


Darn, sounds like nice choices