Writers Struggle Two Hangout: Vent, Encourage, Ask, etc



/tries to muffle laughter/



Who, me?


Could be anyone :woman_shrugging:t2:



I was going to procrastinate on studying by writing, but then procrastinated on writing by gaming. And now I’m getting literally nothing productive done because procrastination shitcircle of death. It’s a killer, so @florianraven I relate. Don’t be too hard on yourself for struggling to write if your heart isn’t really in it at the moment.


One of those days, huh?


One of those 4 or so weeks.


I procrastinated writing by playing COD, which was supposed to be research that turned into a block.


Aw, that sucks. I hope things turn around for you soon.


Call of Duty? Which one?


WW2. I don’t normally like first person shooters. I suck at them. I usually don’t like shooter games in general until I jumped on the Uncharted bandwagon years ago. But I saw the graphics of COD:WW2 and was just blown away. They’re gorgeous! I really liked the story as well. WW2 interests me a lot. I love Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Dunkirk, Saving Private Ryan. I was on a war movie marathon researching for this new story like Dunkirk, SPR, Flags of Our Fathers, Black Hawk Down (not in the same war era, but still).

Then I played the game and felt like I had enough research behind me. And then I procrastinated and now I’m here with a block as I’m planning this story.


COD:WW2 is one of my faves, but it was kind of weird to play after having boost capabilities for several games before that. They did a great job with it though. I’m not the greatest at first person shooter games either (or just video games in general), but I improved significantly once I figured out which gun was for me.


I am a self taught world war two pacific historian. I’ve been fascinated with it since I was about eleven.


I played only for the story. So I lived for the bromance with Zuss and Daniels.


I haven’t finished campaign mode yet bc I usually just play multiplayer and I’ve got a million other things to do besides gaming, but Zuss and Daniels were pretty awesome. So do you play Xbox or PS?


PS. Been a PlayStation hoe since the Sypro and Crash on the PS1.


The last act of the campaign will make you cry ahaha!


All our DA:O talk last night made me wanna replay the damned game again. But the question is do I really want to spend two hours on the character creator first … D:




Yeah I like PS too bc the Xbox controllers are just too big