Writers, summer is coming!


It’s nearing that time of the year where more people have free time to read because school is out, lectures are over, people are on leaves/vacations etc.

I’ve always wondered if anyone had a game plan to attract more readers during this time?

A new book?

A more frequent updating schedule?

Something off Wattpad like BookTube or a Blog?

Would like to get some ideas!


Well, I guess since I’m writing more, I guess more people will see them? Other then that, no plan.


Hmm, that makes sense I guess. :joy:

I’m mostly looking for a better update schedule. I’m also thinking of cleaning up my tags, doing some editing and maybe chaning some covers.


Nope, nope, Winter is a-coming here :sob:

Nevertheless, I have a long holiday too, I’m planning on starting a new story, editing my current one and republishing an old story. I will probably accomplish none of that.

I do want to try and get more readers, so I’m going to try and become more active in other clubs and start talking, just basically creating a new game plan :sweat_smile:


I will probably work on my poetry a lot because I really want to improve.
I may or may not write a sci-fi as well. But I’m still debating on it.


I’ll be writing more so hopefully I can edit my chapters and get them published quicker. I’m hoping to add another upload day to my weekly schedule so my goal of finishing a novel by the end of summer will be complete :sweat_smile:


I have no idea if I’ll have time this summer.

I’m taking summer classes, which keep me busier than the regular academic year.

But I’ll still try to keep to my every two weeks updating scheduling.

So, we’ll see.