Writers with a focus in STYLE, come at me! 🙆✨

Hey, ya’ll! New here and trying to find some people/stories to follow. I don’t really prefer one kind of genre but I’m a big, obnoxious snob for style. Gimme bouncy words, lyrical style, choppy style. Experimental, nontraditional. When I go to the library, I don’t even check the synopsis on the flap, I just open up to a random spot in the first quarter of the book and if I don’t like the WAY it’s written, I put it back on the shelf.

So if you have (or know of) any stories/novels/novellas (no poetry, sorry) on here that have a really unique, fresh way with words, hit me up!

That being said, I’m also trying to find stories that mess with reality in some way; specifically magic realism (casual magic elements within the “real world” as opposed to full fantasy) because those are SO HARD to find in general.

Thank yoooou!


I know that @LittleMinx94 has an amazing prose and is a magician with words! So she might have some stuff you could like :wink:

As for myself, I’ve been told that I write well, but I’m not sure I’ll fit your criteria. The language is formal-ish without being too much, and the MC is very relatable in her quirky and witty come-backs.


Andy is a nerdy young woman who has just secured her dream job as a programmer for Kelex, a company she has long admired.

However, working at Kelex came with some unexpected perks much to Andy’s delight. One being Oliver, her new colleague who is the embodiment of everything she’s ever wanted in a man. However, her affection for Oliver is tainted by the overwhelming attraction she feels for her new boss, Alexander.

Alexander is cold and arrogant, but she can’t even blame him for it, considering his movie-star good looks and big brain.

Now, Andy is stuck battling her inner demons and desires while trying to build a successful career and have it all. It becomes a choice of mind over flesh. Right over wrong. Eventually, something has to give and it’s only a question of when as Andy struggles with life and all of the crazy complications that come with it.




Would a story about virtual reality match your criteria? :slight_smile:

I Am… Elizabeth Bennet?!

Romantic, sharp-tongued, with a tendency to fall in love with tall, dark-haired, brooding men—Leah is the archetype of the Pride and Prejudice fan.

For her birthday, Leah’s friends and family pool together to get her the ultimate Janeite gift: a virtual-reality gaming device, that will allow her to live her favorite novel as the iconic Elizabeth Bennet!


I don’t really know what you mean by ‘way of words’ but I have a novel and a novella out.

My novel is called Million Dollar Baby


While my novella, is the first book in a series of books called Princess Ali of Shadow Sea


I am still pretty new to writing and haven’t gotten much feedback from them yet


My book is about a 300 year old witch, and is partly based from the Salem Witch trials. If this interests you, I would love it if you pick up my book. It is a fairly new book though, I’ve only just posted its third chapter, so any feedback would be appreciated!


Title: Rest in Peace: 300 Year Old Witch

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/216072836-rest-in-peace-300-year-old-witch


-trigger warning-

In 1694, a young witch was cursed by her own kind for trying to stop a war between the witches and the humans. A war known to the humans as the Salem Witch Trials; however, this decision cost the lives of these witches.

Fifteen witches died. Fifteen witches cursed the world. Fifteen witches hexed the young witch with their dying breaths.

The young witch was then forced to walk the earth eternally, her gates to the afterlife were kept under lock and key by Hecate.

Years have passed and, one by one, the people she had grown to love pass. This left the young witch a life that has lost its meaning. Agonizing over the loss of her loved ones, the witch had lost her mind.

With her gates to the afterlife shut, the young witch had the bright idea to use a death hex on herself. With this hex, the young witch loses her life, but instead of going to the boundary between life and death, the witch falls asleep. A deep slumber which was supposed to be for an eternity.

However, nothing goes to plan. Fifty years later, the witch wakes up. Only to repeat the cycle all over again. Again, again, and again.

Now, more than 300 years have passed since the Trials. She has awake. Bolder, Stronger. Broken.

Broken beyond compare.

With the aim to finally end her life in this cycle, the witch aims to uncover the secrets of her hex; but now, there was something different. One young man keeps getting in her way. An Alpha that claims to be her soulmate.

With this stubborn Alpha in the way, what can this 300 year old witch do now to finally Rest In Peace?

Ooh! I’ll check out both of ya’ll’s profiles! Thanks!! :eyes:


Dope :eyes:

Thanks :heart:

Ayyy!! :raised_hands::sparkles::sparkles: This is exactly what I’m looking for! And vaguely similar to something I’m working on, in terms of self-insert theme, so that’s fun. Adding this to my list…

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I’ve got a couple of short story collections with a variety of stories that I would say don’t follow traditional styles.

The first story is more ‘regular’ in terms of style, but as you go through the style varies quite a bit.
A Variety of Short Stories

This one by nature, because it is a lot of genres and all under 500 words, is in various styles. I did definitely have fun with this one. For example, the one for the Wattpad genre profile, FoodKart, “Sprouts,” I attempted to do iambic pentameter xD
Short Stories- Wattpad Contest Edition

I don’t have magical realism and it feels really pretentious to claim I have great style but I do play with style a lot! If you’re open to LGBTQA, this one is probably my most stylish:

Come Hell or High Water
Summary - Recovering alcoholic Sam isn’t quite ready to let go of his failing marriage.
Gord gave up his dream to care for his dying father, and now he’s trapped by an inheritance he doesn’t want.
When Sam’s new job sends him to Gord’s remote farm in the heart of the Canadian prairies, it isn’t long before the two find themselves leaning on each other in ways neither expected; but between flood and wildfire and the echoes of the past, love and happiness aren’t always as simple as finding someone who might want to be your second chance.
Status - Complete
Genre - Romance, Slice of Life, Recent History

I try out a ton of styles… all the time… genres… POVs… writing prose etc. My weirdest one is probably Red Electron, which is a combo of a comic book and a novel… with comic pictures throughout and everything haha

The Adventures of

Red Electron

New Project(32)

Click Here

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Hey there! I have a short story which I think might fit the bill. I’m using ONC to challenge myself with a certain writing style which I hope is rather unique and descriptive. It’s also a story that messes with blurring the line between dreams and reality, and has some paranormal-like elements to it.

Title: The Dreamers
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/213148040-the-dreamers-onc2020
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, Romance, LGBTQ+
Blurb: When dreams are reality, how do you distinguish reality from the dream?

Sean has a problem: his dreams come to life. It causes him enough trouble that he moves across the country to start fresh at Everwood Institute. But as his dreams only get more vivid, he wonders if anything he sees is real, and if the black leaves Finn trails behind him are truly there…

Finn has done everything to keep his nightmares under control, but this year they’ve gotten worse. He hopes for a school year without incident, but that’s difficult to accomplish when his nightmares are coming to life. Then there’s the matter of Sean, who leaves flowers blooming wherever he steps…

As Sean and Finn become closer, they begin to realize that there’s more to their dreams - and each other - than they know.

I definitely have more of a choppy style similar to Pierce Brown, though I do enjoy getting lyrical every now and again. I’m often told l have unique analogies, metaphors, and descriptions.

My main trilogy is a mesh of genres: low fantasy, future dystopia, adventure, supernatural, paranormal, and slowburn romance. The first book is complete, and the sequel is ongoing.

Breeder Blurb BA

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Did a quick read of the first paragraph of this and…mmm pretty words… :drooling_face: Popping that little beauty into my To Read list.

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I’m the same. I read and write for style and rhythm, sentence structures, punctuations. I don’t know if I succeed but that’s what I work towards. Here’s mine if you want to try:

In a world torn apart by centuries of conflict, where a desert splits into black and white and differences drives its sun and moon worshippers into mortal enemies, one boy and one girl were chosen by the gods to bring peace to the peninsula…but when Fate tosses them on the opposite sides of the battle, which prophecy is right, or are they both wrong?

Set in an ancient world rich with spiritual, nomadic culture, Obsidian is a story of love that survives in the time of conflict. A tale of difficult choices and heavy consequences. A journey of unstoppable men and women who are made of obsidian and break like one-into the deadliest weapons of all.


Also my dear friend @Sergio_the_Saint probably has the most unique style on Wattpad and his story is epic, and extremely unique in voice, tone, humor, and concept:

The Black Diamond:

Ooh, definitely @AloofFloof’s books!

Riven Isles is an absolutely stunning work. The arrangement of words and manner of speaking is just delicious. Lyrical, poetic, musical, all the lovely adjectives. It’s very, very unique and fun to read. It’s a pirate adventure, like a fantasy-ish retelling of Treasure Island. Lots of real-world elements blended with some magical notes. You’ll never find a book that uses the word ‘befuddlement’ as effectively as this one. https://www.wattpad.com/story/131925213-riven-isles

She has some other cool works on her profile too :slight_smile:


Oof, thanks for all these recs! I wish I’d posted this thread like a year ago when I was lurking around for stories on my own. Keep 'em coming, ya’ll! :raised_hands::heart:

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This dude writes magic realism in an upmarket style. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


He is the Gentleman we all know. Elegantly wrapped in a black cashmere trench coat and the stench of rot and old age, he comes to a gathering, making both men and women swoon. Then, at the end of the magical night, he brings a special girl on an escapade. He never fails to surprise her.

Gloomy and satirical, this ten-minute-read will leave you disturbed for much longer.


Also @Scaren has a story with magic realism:

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Oh this is a THICK style. Chocolate fudge cake big boi style. I like… :astonished:

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