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Hi everyone!!! :grinning:


Sleep sounds so good right about now




I work this evening after my two classes.




Hey hey :smile:
How are you?


It does even though I just woke up. My cats kept waking me up a bit however…




Hey hey :grin:


Lol with me it was my dogs XD

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lol that sucks.

I have some deadlines, but usually they’re no problem to complete, mainly because there’s so little to do in my department at the moment, not to mention they’re closing my building at the end of the year, so until that happens, the work load is just going to get smaller and smaller here.

Once I move to the other building, Idk if I will have the same amount of time/freedom lol



My son did not want to sleep last night, he was in his crib bouncing and giggling long passed 10PM, he’s not even 1 years old yet. As cute as it was, I’m so sleepy


That sounds like a long day :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It’s so annoying. xD I have a cat licking my elbow right now.


It was.


Sjoe, good luck with that!


Good, I just finished school drop offs. Had to hear from the teacher that my 5yo son has been instigating fights :expressionless: fun stuff Heading off to work myself


I may have just made a mistake.

I added my opinion on a page that says something about how long will it take for people to finally be “Woke” lol


Ouch, sorry to hear that.

Idk what I’m going to do when my son gets older and if he does anything like that. I’m against violence, unless it’s self defense. Even though I love violent movies lol


Ah? Uh, I guess just like… “Despite the fun story, I have taken into account that it’d be a bad idea?”