Writers With Books Under 1k Reads


“Wee old age,” spoken like a true elder lmao. How old are you now?


Ah, I see! I’ll add it when I release a chapter next. Thanks (:


Also, good morning everyone (: I kinda skimmed the replies I missed. I got home and my laptop was acting strange. Took it in to be looked at and they said I’d have to pay $200 USD to have the operating system wiped and rebuilt.

Being as there’s no way in hell I’m paying $200 to repair a laptop my replies may be limited to when I’m at work.

I came in to only five cases to work, and I’ve already finished them. So here’s to keeping myself entertained~

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Is it your personal laptop? Have you tried restoring it to a system restore point?


Yes, my personal laptop. It won’t restore so that’s why I took it in.

He said the operating system (Windows 10, apparently has this problem often) is shot and needs to be forcefully reset. Apparently there was a Windows update that got corrupted and failed, so now the whole thing is ruined.

I can’t install/uninstall or open newly added applications. My web browser being the main target as that was when I discovered there was an issue. I use Opera. Couldn’t get it to open so I uninstalled it. It failed to uninstall and froze up my laptop so I rebooted it and it was just… gone? So I tried to reinstall and it wouldn’t. Rebooted again and the icon was there but said it wasn’t properly installed and can’t open. Never got it to fix.

I’ve been trying to factory reset/reset to a previous save point all night and it just won’t do it.


Not sure if you have, but usually when I have issues with my computers, I google it and can “Usually” find a solution and get it fixed myself.

Sometimes it takes a while to search through threads to find the solution, and it has a lot to do with how you word your issue, unless you specifically get an error number that you can put in.

I don’t trust people who get paid to fix things, I feel like a lot of people will claim more is wrong just to get money. That’s why I try to look up as much as I can to fix my computer myself.


Its so quiet today and work is slow as usual.


-pin drops-


Thank You
Happy reading and writing👍


I find it very difficult to engage with people. I am honestly very anti social. I hate crowds, I hate voicing myself. I tend to write a comment or reply but delete it because of anxiety.

I am trying very hard to be more social, although I don’t feel the need for social interactions all the time, its more because my stories are a passion and to get them to the world, a social place, I must conquer myself to be more sociable.

This is an issue I have when trying to get more readers.


Hi there
Completely empathize. Suffer with anxiety myself. Same as you. Not good at social interaction or crowds. Love my writing. It’s cathartic. Stay strong. Keep writing. Have a good evening/day/week/month/year/life👍

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Haha, I have the same problem. I thought branching out and talking to people on here would help but I noticed I get very overwhelmed and try to give myself time. By the time I’m ready to reply I think “Oh… it’s probably too late now!”

Being personable is hard. My personality is very… Bland, I guess? I think a lot, don’t really tend to speak much. But in order to function in society, I’ve had to craft this fake personality that’s nice and bubbly and it is exhausting.

Here’s to hoping we both succeed in branching out of our comfort zones.

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lol I’m sorry, that sounds horrible to be that way when it’s not you.

I’m usually very quiet and keep to myself, but apparently I look very intimidating? Or “Grrr” and my bluntness (no matter how tactful I am) comes off wrong.

I am a very technical person, and sarcastic, and opinionated, lol. I’m just very anti social and get really bad anxiety when having to talk to people or let anyone know me for me I guess. I’m working on it!

Damn comfort zones! So confining!


I like to think of the internet as the wild wild west. Do what you want, say what you want. There is no judgement you can’t just delete. lol. I’m a very outgoing person but it amplifies on the internet.

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lol that’s good. I try to just spit things out, but, I over think constantly


But whats to over think or second guess. As long as your not out right callus there are no wrong answers. Say what you want. And the louder you are the more likely you are to be noticed.

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It’s not so bad in the moment, I guess? People see me as a “class clown” type. I find enjoyment in making people laugh, but I feel I have to simplify my sense of humor because I find humor in dark things or, as you said, like more sarcastic humor. Most of my coworkers are a little, ah, simple if you get my drift, and tend to gravitate towards more “wine mom memes” type of humor. Not my thing.

It’s when I have time to myself do I realize how emotionally drained I am. My roommate is an extrovert, always wanting to go out and do things and gets really sad when I come home and just collapse in bed at 6:30 because I’m drained from socializing.

I also find that bluntness is harder to understand in text too. Do you have difficulty expressing how you feel in written posts due to others misunderstanding you as standoffish or angry? I feel like people don’t really know how to read tone well if there aren’t inflections in text, emojis, etc showing they’re not serious.

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I’m only 24 :slight_smile: but I’m sure that puts me in the minority on Wattpad

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I can completely understand feeling drained from interactions with co-workers. I feel like the majority of the people I work with are not the brightest and the little things fly over their heads.

As for the texting thing, I do not use emojis for the most part, I just really don’t use them, not sure why. I also rarely, rarely, rarely, use shot hand text like “atm” “r” “u” or any other shorten version of words. I mean, I barely even use smiley faces.

Yea, I think a lot of people see my writing/texting as unemotional or me being serious or pissed off or something other than me just being technical and writing the way I do. It reminds me of a bobs burger episode where he’s on forums with other burger lovers and they hate him because he doesn’t know what an emoji is or what lol means

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Ah, we’re the same age then.

I always think “I’m not old! I’m young and full of youth!”

My back pain, however, contradicts. I sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies when I walk down stairs.