Writers With Books Under 1k Reads


lol I just turned 33, I feel like everyone on here is like 20 or under

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haha rice Krispies. I don’t know why, but that made me laugh.

Back pain though that sucks

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My text tone changes depending on who I’m talking to I guess. I use “lol, lmao” a lot because it helps keep my tone from coming off rude or snarky.

I discovered an exclamation mark tends to make things sound more cheerful! I use them a lot!

Am I really excited though? Naw. Just easier than explaining it’s just my bland ass personality.

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It’s the antisocialtechnicalocd in me, it’s very hard to over power those urges


I wish I could take credit for it, but an older gentleman I met said it. I laughed really hard and have been using it ever since.

I went to a chiropractor once and he cracked my shit like a glow stick. I owe that man my life. I would definitely recommend.

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I use more emojis with my wife, only because if I don’t, she thinks something’s wrong. She’s not a writer in any ways, shape, or form. If I just reply to her questions with either a yes, no, or just an ok, she thinks something is wrong. I have to add baby or something like that to let her know I’m not upset lol


I’m about to start seeing a Dr for my back, I’ve been having issues for years and the few I have seen, all they do is give me muscle relaxers and send me home


One of my biggest fears of getting back into the dating pool, honestly.

My fiance was not much of an affectionate man. He had his rare moments but I never had to coddle him. I’m semi-seeing someone right now and he’s into pet names. I can’t come up with them to save my life. He has a new one every day and I’m like “… buttercup?”


Do those work for you? I was given some once and nothing happened. I thought they gave me sugar pills for the giggles.

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haha, I watch bobs too much, there’s an episode where he tried to come up pet names for his daughter, Louise, and called her angel dust haha

I’m a very affectionate person when I’m with her in person, also, when I’m not stressed. I mainly call her baby though.


Nope, not at all. They make me tired, which I can’t use at work or when I’m with my son.

The main time my back hurts the most, is when I’m sleeping. Usually every twenty minutes to an hour I have to roll or my back hurts more and more while I sleep in the same position to the point the pain goes down my legs.

When I wake up, it’s the worst


I think I’ve seen some GIFs of that scene. Doesn’t he say “no, wait, that’s a drug. Give me a minute.” or something along those lines?

He’s a few years younger than me, but loves calling me “mama” or “mamas,” which at first I was like “Absolutely not, it’s on par with calling a man ‘daddy.’” But I’ll be damned if it hasn’t grown on me.


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Geez, yours sounds worse than mine. Mine will be fine for months at a time and then just become unbearable. Only time it’s fine is when I’m laying down.

I just get regular alignments. He says one of my legs is like two inches longer than the other and he has to move stuff back into place a lot. I feel like I would notice a difference in leg length like that but I really don’t.

Hopefully the doctor you visit can figure out the error and get you fixed up.


haha yes that’s the one.

I can see how it could be similar, but, I think “mamas” has a different meaning for different cultures, I think “Dadi” or some other spelling of it has a different meaning too. Although, I think Daddy has a more perverted meaning that Mamas does lol

That evil bastard making him grow on you!


thanks, me too. I miss having a good nights sleep.

I hurt it originally doing situps, and then I was in a car accident a couple years ago that made it worse


Sometimes I really hate the spot my desk is in, the light above me tends to work when it feels like. It’s one of those lights that turns off when there’s no movement and turns on when it senses something. It doesn’t like to sense my presence… I’ve been sitting in darkness with only the light of my computer to illuminate my area


Yeah, his family is from the Dominican Republic. I love listening to him talk to his mother on the phone. His lovely Spanish~

I’ve heard a few other people use “mamas,” so I guess it’s different but it still makes me embarrassed lol.

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Ah, geez. I can only imagine what it could have done. Let’s hope it’s something simple and a quick in and out settles the problem for you.


I figured he was Hispanic of sorts, not sure which specifically. I grew up in California and heard that quite a bit over the years.

Accents and unique sounding voices are always fun to listen to. One of my favorite voices is Jeremy Irons, I think he has the coolest voice ever


Hopefully lol

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