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Oh, I agree. Any time I’m in public and someone is speaking in another language, I eavesdrop. I just love listening to it.

My fiance was born in Nuremberg, Germany. He lived there until he was about 12 and then perhaps illegally came to the states. I would pester the hell out of him to speak to me in German.

Our downstairs neighbor is Russian and I adore talking to her to hear her accent. She invites, assuming, family members over and they all speak in Russian.


Does he always say Nein? lol

Do you know who Jeremy Irons is? I don’t know what nationality he is, but it’s not the language he speaks, it’s just his voice to me is so unique, I think I could recognize him anywhere lol


Not particularly. It seemed he was hiding the fact he was German, as if he was embarrassed? Every now and then he’d get frustrated and let out a string of German curses though. Sometimes he’d drink and sing me German nursery rhymes. Lol

I do not. I Googled him though, and it says he’s from the UK. It also says he was Scar in The Lion King, and had a role in Lolita among a few other films I’ve seen. I just don’t recognize him though.


Maybe he is? German’s don’t really have the best history to be proud of. I’m half? German, but was born here in the US.

Try listening to his voice lol. But yeah, Scar, he was Brom in Eragon, he played the bad guy in the 3rd Die Hard movie, he was Alfred in the Ben Aflec batman, and a lot of other roles that I haven’t seen. He has that voice that I could listen to narrate an epic fantasy story


I know right. XD


Yeah, fair enough.


How’s it going?


Mm, maybe. My last name heavily suggests German background, but I’ve traced my family tree back pretty far and the most I could find is quite a few family members in Quebec. No German that I’ve seen.

Haha, I haven’t seen any of those. I liked Scar’s voice as a kid though, so I can see how you mean.


Last names can be deceiving lol.

I believe my great grandparents or the next ones were born in Germany and only spoke German. Or so ive been told.

Lol maybe thats why I like his voice. From scar




No kidding. I’ve got two of them though, (thanks, mom and dad) and the other one is about as American as it comes, I’d gather.

I wanted to like Scar. He was just a douche though. Like, so you got a bad hand in life. Let’s move on. Lol


Hello (:


Lol you just described the majority of the world haha


With getting dealt a raw hand? Lol, unfortunately. Just goes to show he took it horribly if most of the rest of the world doesn’t murder their brother and try to kill their nephew.


Yea lol and I’m sure some do. Maybe not family, but a lot do take it out on people


Back pain is real- especially so because I write full time. Hunched over a laptop tap tap tapping away, I go to stand up for a coffee and my lower back is feeling as uncomfortable as a bull at a deer convention.


I think I stress eat. It’s a little less illegal than murder lol


Eventually Wattpad will be inhabited by a generation of geriatrics, we’re just ahead of the curve.


I have an office job where I work on the computer all day. Thankfully our office chairs aren’t too shabby. I also lean back a lot. I currently have 130 cases, I work half Monday and the other half Tuesday. So for the rest of the week, I dick around on here or Reddit. My back doesn’t suffer too terribly.


Haha that is true. Maybe wr need more stress eating and less murder. That sounds good. Imagine how great Lion king would have been if scar stress ate!

There wouldn’t be any antelope left lol